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From every corner of time and space, sometimes people go missing without a trace. They never come back.

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Get lost in the long stone halls of the maze with the ones that find each other, form tribes, scrape out a life from rocks and sand. Their stories interweave. Maia Station is a scientist ripped from stasis, but she has no tools to test the way things are. Instead, she raises her daughter as best she can and survives. Wang Xin once had his head dipped in water, and a djinni in the water entered his eye. He sees the future, exactly as it was supposed to be if he hadn’t seen the light, but it does him no good in the life he has. In a world much like our own, Joseph comes home from a ten-year high school reunion and encounters a light in the darkness. The light speaks.

My name is Jenny. Put me in your lung.

Breathe deep.


"Maze is a beautiful, frightening, exhilarating novel that twists ancient mythological archetypes into bold new patterns. With this novel J.M. McDermott proves that the brilliant Last Dragon was no fluke. He's as important an author as this country has produced in decades."
Philip Athans, New York Times best-selling author

"McDermott belongs in libraries where literary fantasy in the tradition of Gene Wolfe, A.A. Attanasio, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez is popular."
Library Journal

"To get back to that idea of being literate, this is a very well-written, carefully-crafted tale. It's structured just so, with a mother and daughter bookending not just the pages, but the ideas and lives within. The language is short and abrupt, taking unexpected turns on a regular basis, and often doubles back on itself to repeat words, phrases, and more. It reads like a maze, but that's not to say it's futile or frustrating. Reading is itself an experience, with the stories a part of that experience."
Beauty in Ruins

"It’s gracefully written, and concerned simultaneously with the murkiest, oldest fears of the human psyche, and the fantastic at its most deadly."
Fantasy Literature

About the Author

J M McDermott is the author of Last Dragon, Disintegration Visions, The Dogsland Trilogy, and Women and Monsters. He holds an MFA from the Stonecoast Program from the University of Southern Maine. He lives in San Antonio, Texas.