Two new reviews! Two new preorders!

By Lesley Conner
on April 08, 2016

Book reviews are beautiful things. Getting two reviews from Publishers Weekly on Apex’s upcoming releases is amazing!

This morning I came across Publishers Weekly’s reviews for Freeze/Thaw by Chris Bucholz and The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler. Since the word is getting out about these wonderful books, we decided the time was right to open preorders and give you a chance to snag both books at fantastic prices!

Freeze/Thaw by Chris Bucholz will be out in May. This is second novel by Bucholz that Apex has had the pleasure to publish and we are extremely excited to share this new sci-fi adventure with you! Want to know more? Check out Publishers Weekly’s review.

About Freeze/Thaw:

The Shade, a set of micro-satellites designed to stop global warming, worked.

A little too well.

The Earth is icing over and no one knows how to shut the Shade off. Every attempt in the last thirty years has failed and humanity is nearly out of options to regain a world that isn’t covered in snow. Gabe Alfil may be the only person alive with enough expertise in quantum computing to solve the problem, but a hiking accident a decade earlier has left him paralyzed. In a world where most people scavenge the wreckage left in the Shade’s shadow to survive, there aren’t many resources for those who can’t go out and take them. But there is a solution to Gabe’s problem, if he’s willing to work with the military. Strapped into an exoskeleton, Gabe will travel with a military patrol to a lost computing facility where the off-switch for the Shade may lay. But a group of eco-terrorists has other plans. Between chases across the frozen landscape, kidnapping attempts, and computer hijacking, Gabe quickly realizes that not everyone wants to save the world. Can anybody be trusted?

Sound good? It is! And if you preorder, it can be yours for 40% off the cover price! That makes Freeze/Thaw only $9.57!

*turns on infomercial voice*

But wait! We have more! From now until Freeze/Thaw is released on May 17th, you can get both of Chris Bucholz’s novels for only $20! That’s two sci-fi adventures – Severance and Freeze/Thaw – for only $10 each!

Order now!

*turns off infomercial voice*

I’ve always wanted to do that, but seriously if you haven’t picked up a copy of Severance yet, this is chance to get two great books at one low price.

If Publisher’s Weekly’s review of Freeze/Thaw wasn’t enough to put a smile on every face in the Apex office this morning, pairing it with a starred review of The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler definitely was.

That’s right, I said starred review! You can read the review here.

The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler is coming out June 21st. Mixing history and dark fantasy, this novella is set in Tobler’s traveling circus universe, telling the story of Jackson, the circus’s founder.

About The Kraken Sea:

Fifteen year old Jackson is different from the other children at the foundling hospital. Scales sometimes cover his arms. Tentacles coil just below his skin. Despite this Jackson tries to fit in with the other children. He tries to be normal for Sister Jerome Grace and the priests. But when a woman asks for a boy like him, all that changes. His name is pinned to his jacket and an orphan train whisks him across the country to Macquarie’s.

At Macquarie’s, Jackson finds a home unlike any he could have imagined. The bronze lions outside the doors eat whomever they deem unfit to enter, the hallways and rooms shift and change at will, and Cressida – the woman who adopted him – assures him he no longer has to hide what he is. But new freedoms hide dark secrets. There are territories, allegiances, and a kraken in the basement that eats shadows.

As Jackson learns more about the new world he’s living in and about who he is, he has to decide who he will stand with: Cressida, the woman who gave him a home and a purpose, or Mae, the black-eyed lion tamer with a past as enigmatic as his own. The Kraken Sea is a fast paced adventure full of mystery, Fates, and writhing tentacles just below the surface, and in the middle of it all is a boy searching for himself.

You can grab The Kraken Sea for 40% off the cover price during preorders, making it only $7.17! That is an incredible deal on an incredible book you are not going to want to miss!

Preorders for both Freeze/Thaw and The Kraken Sea are open now! Order both today and slip into the wonderful worlds brought to you by Apex!


Apex Magazine Issue 83 is LIVE!

By Lesley Conner
on April 05, 2016

It’s the first Tuesday of the month, so that means we have new issue of Apex Magazine for you!

This month we have two pieces of original short fiction: “The Laura Ingalls Experience” by Andrew Gray and “The Teratologist’s Brother” by Brandon H. Bell. Our poetry selections are by John Yu Branscum, Michael VanCalbergh, Jeremy Paden, and Craig Finlay. Andrea Johnson interviewed Andrew Gray about writing “The Laura Ingalls Experience,” as well as its themes, and they also talked about his work as a program coordinator at a Canadian university. Russell Dickerson sits down with our cover artist Sarah Zar to discuss art and her beautiful piece “Hurricane Woman” which is the cover of this month’s issue. We bring you two reprints this month: Catherynne M. Valente’s “The Quidnunx” and “Collecting James” by Geoffrey Girard.

“Collecting James” is one of 16 stories that appear in Geoffrey Girard’s debut dark fiction collection first communions, coming out next week through Apex Book Company. There is still time to preorder first communions and save 40% off the cover price, but don’t wait. Time is running out!

Apex Magazine Issue 83 will be released online over the course of the month, with Jason Sizemore’s Words from the Editor-in-Chief and “The Terotalogist’s Brother” by Brandon H. Bell available now.

Don’t want to wait for the entire issue to be online to read? Buy the eBook edition and read it all from the convenience of your eReader. Ebook editions are available direct from Apex, or from Weightless Books, Amazon, and Nook.

Subscribe and never miss an issue of Apex Magazine! 12 month subscriptions are available from Apex Publications or Weightless Books. You can subscribe monthly via your Kindle.

Words from the Editor-in-Chief—Jason Sizemore


The Laura Ingalls Experience — Andrew Neil Gray
The Teratologist's Brother — Brandon H. Bell
The Quidnunx — Catherynne M. Valente
Collecting James — Geoffrey Girard

Interview with Author Andrew Neil Gray — Andrea Johnson
Interview with Sarah Zar, Cover Artist — Russell Dickerson


Fertility — Craig Finlay
The Farmer's Milk — John Yu Branscum
Myth of the Mud God — Michael VanCalbergh
Song of the Encantado — Jeremy Paden

The Kraken Sea - Cover Reveal

By Lesley Conner
on March 30, 2016

E. Catherine Tobler's The Kraken Sea is coming in June, 2016. Are you ready?

Set in her traveling circus universe, this magical 40,000 word novella tells the story of the circus's founder Jackson - how he fell in love with trains, pageantry, and strange monsters. You don't want to miss it!

In the announcement for the Give Me Tentacles ARC contest (I will reveal the winner at the bottom of this post!), I spoke a little about the search for the cover art for The Kraken Sea. We didn't find a piece that represented our original vision - glorious tentacles wrapping around the cover and grabbing onto readers - but I hope you will agree that the artwork we did find is absolutely breathtaking.


This cover makes me so, so happy. It is beautiful and amazing and though it isn't exactly what we thought we wanted, it works oh so well. The art is titled "Overcast" and is by Magdalena Pągowska. You can find more of her amazing work at her DeviantArt page.

As for our tentacles, the winner of the Give Me Tentacles contest is Rebecca Hurley. She submitted a beautiful piece done is lovely shades of blue and green. A great tentacle find! Elise and I were smitten. Congratulations, Rebecca! We'll get the ARC copy of The Kraken Sea out to you soon.

For everyone else, June will be here before we know it, so wait patiently for your own copy of The Kraken Sea. It will definitely be worth it.

Everything is turning Upside Down

By Lesley Conner
on March 18, 2016

There is a little over a week left in the Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling Kickstarter and we are well on our way to hitting our second stretch goal. The response to this project has been overwhelming and positively amazing, and we really can't say thank you enough to everyone supporting us in this venture!

Through the efforts of the awesome editors and contributors, Upside Down has gotten coverage all over the web, with guest posts and interviews popping up in a variety of places. I wanted to take a minute to share links to all of this coolness so you can learn everything there is to know about Upside Down.

Our first stretch goal was to add critical essays by Lucy A. Snyder, A.C. Wise, and Patrick Hester to the anthology. We hit that goal, and it was announced earlier this week that we would adding two more essays! These new contributions will be written by Keffy R. M. Kehrli and Victor J. Raymond. You can read more about them and their planned essays here.

There is still plenty of time to support Upside Down on Kickstarter and help us make it even more fabulous than it already is. If we hit our second stretch goal ($15,000), we will be able to give all of our short story authors a raise, paying them $0.08 per word rather than $0.06. With less than $700 to go until we hit that goal, I am sure we can do it. Help us turn tropes Upside Down!

Give Me Tentacles! - Win an ARC of The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler

By Lesley Conner
on March 15, 2016

Finding the perfect cover art for a new book is never an easy process. There is usually a lot of emails flying back and forth, with me doing most of the searching for the artwork and running potential pieces past Jason Sizemore and the author.

When it came time to find the perfect image for The Kraken Sea, author E. Catherine Tobler and I decided to work a little differently. After a few emails, we had a pretty good idea of what type of image we'd like to have for her novella: Tentacles! Glorious kraken tentacles that could reach out and grab a reader! Our initial idea was to find artwork that would wrap the tentacles around the cover allowing us to create a book that was truly beautiful from all angles.

What a wonderful idea!

But the best laid plans don't always go as you think they will. E. Catherine Tobler and I decided to work together in searching for the right piece. We created a shared pinboard on Pinterest and the search was on!

You would think finding swirly, twirly tentacles reaching across the artwork would be easy! Wrong! You can find plenty of artwork depicting tentacles on DeviantArt, but finding just the right piece proved incredibly difficult. So much so that we ended up going with a totally different look for The Kraken Sea.

Oh, believe me, it is stunning. I mean, absolutely breathtakingly stunning, but The Kraken Sea cover will not feature tentacles.

And I still kind of want them.

So, that's where you come in. I want you - the Apex readers - to give me tentacles! Find those gorgeous, reaching, slithering tentacles that I was hoping for!

From now until March 28th, send us links to tentacle artwork! You can either email them to me (Lesley Conner) at with the subject line Give Me Tentacles! or tweet them to @ApexBookCompany with the hashtag #tentacles. I will add all the submissions to our pinboard for The Kraken Sea on Pinterest. I've already pinned a few of the pieces we were considering for cover artwork on the board, so go check it out! See what kinds of tentacles E. Catherine Tobler and I are looking for!

To enter you must send me a link back to the artist's website or their online portfolio to enter. I love promoting great artists and I want to make sure every artist gets credit for their beautiful artwork! Entries must be received by midnight EST on March 28th. All entries will be considered by E. Catherine Tobler and myself. We will choose our favorite and the winner - who will be announced during The Kraken Sea cover reveal on March 29th - will receive a printed ARC of The Kraken Sea by E. Cathrine Tobler.

Note: We are not still looking for cover art. We have found and paid for beautiful artwork that I am beyond thrilled with. This contest is just a fun way to see if you can find artwork that would fit the original image E. Catherine Tobler and I had for her novella.

Due to shipping costs, the winner must have a US mailing address.

The Kraken Sea is scheduled to be released in June, 2016.


I Remember the Future: 0.99 for Kindle!

By Hannah Krieger
on March 07, 2016

Science fiction, the precursor to so many things that you use today (who ever would have thought smart phones would be a real thing?).  Science fiction, the perfect melding of our few definitive truths with the heights of our imagination.  Science fiction, taking us across time, space, and anything else we can cross.

You know you want it, especially when 13 of the 15 stories featured in I Remember the Future are award winning and award nominated stories, and the remaining two are shiny new stories from an author with so many award winning and award nominated stories!  Michael Burstein's fiction has been described as an "ode to the golden age sf writers" (Booklist).  This book is a must have, and for the price of one Starbuck's coffee, you can buy yourself and five friends copies of one of the best science fiction collections around (if we do say so ourselves).

The Kindle edition of I Remember the Future is on sale for the month of March for only 99 cents!  Get it while it's hot-but-not-so-hot-it-needs-a-warning-label!


Apex Magazine Issue 82 is LIVE

By Lesley Conner
on March 01, 2016

It’s the first of March and it’s new Apex Magazine day!

Apex Magazine Issue 82 is available now. This month we have an original novelette by Lavie Tidhar and original short stories by Jason Sanford and Travis Heermann. Our reprint this month is by the amazing Elizabeth Bear. The poetry selections are by Annie Neugebauer, Rodney Gomez, Caleb J. Oakes, David Barber, and Matthew Chamberlin. Andrea Johnson interviewed Travis Heermann about his writing and the particular style he chose to write “Screaming Without a Mouth” and Russell Dickerson talked with our cover artist Vincent Sammy in our artist interview. The podcast this month is Jason Sanford’s story “Death Flowers of Never-Forgotten Love.”

To kick off such a fantastic issue, we’ve released Jason Sizemore’s “Words from the Editor-in-Chief” and Lavie Tidhar’s novelette “Agent of V.A.L.I.S.” to read for free on the Apex Magazine website! More content will be released periodically throughout the month until it is all available to read for free online.

Can’t wait? Buy the eBook edition for only $2.99! It is available direct from Apex, or from a variety of online retailers.

Never miss an issue by buying a subscription. 12-month subscriptions are available through Apex and Weightless Books for less than $20. Monthly Kindle subscriptions are available through Amazon.

Words from the Editor-in-Chief—Jason Sizemore


Agent of V.A.L.I.S. — Lavie Tidhar
Death Flowers of a Never-Forgotten Love — Jason Sanford
Screaming Without a Mouth — Travis Heermann
Dolly — Elizabeth Bear

Interview with Author Travis Heermann — Andrea Johnson
Interview with Vincent Sammy, Cover Artist — Russell Dickerson


Naked — Annie Neugebauer
The Sword Excalibur — David Barber
Allegory of the Woman from Earth — Rodney Gomez
BlackRiver — Caleb J. Oakes
Chimney Witch — Matthew Chamberlin


Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling Anthology Kickstarter

By McKenzie Winberry
on February 26, 2016

We have a new project coming and we could use your help getting it ready to go!  Monica Valentinelli and Jaym Gates are working together to turn your favorite tropes on their heads.  Not only does this anthology promise to be a show-stopper, it's already got over 150 backers and is almost a third of the way funded...and there are still 28 days to go!  It was even chosen as a Kickstarter "Project We Love" and trended on twitter with 8k tweets!

The cover art was created by award-winning artist Galen Dara.  It has already been announced that Maurice Broaddus, Anton Strout, Shanna Germain, Sara Harvey, Delilah Dawson, John Hornor Jacobs, Rahul Kanakia, Haralambi Markov, Sunil Patel, Kat Richardson, Nisi Shawl, Alyssa Wong, and Princess Alethea Kontis will have pieces in the anthology, which you know means it will be a great anthology!  If that's not enough to entice you, just look at the ridiculous amount of stuff we are shelling out to supporters!

Check out this video they made for their Kickstarter, then go support it:


"This Is Horror" Awards

By McKenzie Winberry
on February 26, 2016

Fantastic news, everyone!  This Is Horror has seen fit to award both our e-zine AND Sing Me Your Scars for its 2015 awards season!  This Is Horror is one of a handful of highly esteemed horror "news" sites that keeps up with everything horrifying, from TV and film to podcasts to art and literature (which we knocked out of the park this year!).

Our zine received the Best Magazine of the Year 2015 award.  Jason Sizemore, our editor-in-chief, does an excellent job of summing up how we feel about this honor that we have all worked so hard to earn.

Winning Fiction Magazine of the Year is incredibly gratifying. Apex Magazine works hard to find stories that blend genres, bringing a dark flavor to scifi and fantasy, finding horror where it isn’t expected (one of the best kinds of horror, right?). Thank you to This Is Horror and its readers for letting us know we’re doing it right!

Our newest installment of Apex Voices, Damien Angelica Walters' Sing Me Your Scars, was also awarded the honor of Best Short Story Collection of the Year 2015.  If you don't already own her book, please add it to your bookshelf!  She responded as eloquently as always:

I was thrilled that Sing Me Your Scars was in such fine company, and I’m honored to have won. Thank you to Jason Sizemore, Lesley Conner, and Apex Publications for bringing the collection to life, and thank you, too, to the editors who originally published many of the stories. And last, but definitely not least, thank you to everyone who read and voted. Truly, the stories are only half-finished until they’re in your hands.

Thank you to all who voted for both our award-winning magazine and Damien Angelica Walters' collection.  Without you fine people supporting us, our endeavors would be fruitless.  Our deepest appreciation goes out to all of you, our beloved readers without whom we could not exist.

Preorder first communions by Geoffrey Girard and save 40%!

By Lesley Conner
on February 25, 2016

Geoffrey Girard's debut collection, first communions, is coming April 12th, but preorders are open now! And if you preorder, not only will you be among the first to discover how amazing this collection is, but you will also save 40% off the cover price. That brings the total down to less than $10!

No discount code.

No secret handshake.

Just preorder and save!

Geoffrey Girard first appeared in Writers of the Future and has since written and sold more than sixty short stories of dark fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Collected here, for the first time, are sixteen of his best, and darkest, tales.

The man who collects chips of bone from his willing victims A legendary evil is adopted by a small, and thankful, village The doomed girl invited to take part in a deliberate tragedy A horrific church choir assembled after the zombie apocalypse The boy who harvests spiders for a shadowy woman of magic A fearsome town where the children’s nightmares are all real The pain, price and beauty of blood and first loves

From the curse of ancient evils to futuristic retirement homes where the dead still rule, haunted graveyards, planets of torture where all are equal, hockey-playing demon hunters, dark sorcerers battling in Algeria, and even voodoo-cursed pirates. Explore the darkest, and most majestic, extremes of us all in sixteen unique tales that will entertain, horrify and keep you thinking long after the last page is turned.

Let the communion begin…

Preorder first communions today and save 40%.

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