Coil by Ren Warom is available now!

By Lesley Conner
on June 18, 2019

Today’s the day! Coil by Ren Warom is officially here, and we couldn’t be happier to share this gritty genre bending novel with you!

You can order your copy of Coil today!

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Ren Warom weaves a tale laced with gang crime, underground body mod shops, and shocking murders.

Bone Adams is a legend, the best mortician in the spires. When a new killer begins leaving bodies twisted and bent into grotesque pieces of art, City Officer Stark tasks Bone to unravel the clues. As more victims are discovered, Bone and Stark are drawn deeper into a world where pain and personal statement blend and blur, and finally end up hunting for a semi-mythical man-machine named Burneo deep within the sewers.

But things aren't what they seem. While searching for Burneo, Bone and Stark discover a hidden lab full of evidence of horrific abuses of science and experimentation. Meanwhile, the killer is still on the loose, and, as Stark becomes more and more obsessed with the case, Bone is forced to a shattering realization. Everything is connected: the killings, the gang activity, the labs, and his own past. Unless he can figure out how, he won't survive.

"The combination of noir, horror, and sci-fi broaden Coil's appeal but it's the protagonist and antagonist which make this something special; two sides of the same grime and blood crusted coin."
—Just a Guy Who Likes to Read review blog

Coil is an exciting novel that twists tropes, zigs when you think it will zag, and leaves you breathless for more. Don’t miss out on this exciting new release from Apex Book Company. It may not be your typical fluffy beach read, but this is the perfect book for those who love Apex’s particular blend of dark sci-fi.

ISBN: 978-9370009-79-3

330 pages.

Cover art by Matt Davis.

Buy your copy of Coil today!

Do Not Go Quietly excerpt - "To Write" by Annie Neugebauer

By Lesley Conner
on May 24, 2019
To Write
by Annie Neugebauer


Tonight I dreamed

my mouth was zippered shut,

like some macabre doctor

had taken the school teacher’s gesture

quite literally    

and replaced each lip with one half a zipper.


Like any fresh surgery,

the flesh ached and burned,

far too tender for me to even think

of touching it with the gentlest fingertips,

much less grasping the metal pull

and opening the angry little teeth.


I wandered down a street I knew well

surrounded by strangers who my dream told me

I knew well as well

and every one of them

sealed at the mouth:

      a zipper,

      a line like melted wax,

      sutures stitched across like a rag doll,

      a single, large button pulled up over the top lip,


      the particularly vicious stretch of super glue,

      and, most terrifying of all, a perfect, smooth melding of bottom to top lip

              no line or seal remaining where mouth used to be,

              only a vague bump out of the teeth beneath the flesh,



I was desperate to tell them something.

Wild with the need.

I don’t know what it was.

I don’t know if I even knew, then, in the dream.

I know only that I raced from person to person

forcing myself into their paths

and trying

again and again—oh, sleeping eternity—

to speak.




The words piled up against the inside of my zipper,

stacked up on my tongue,

brushed the roof of my mouth

and gullet

and down my clenched throat,


tears stinging my fresh wounds,

and still,

still …


Never has there been a dream

with such a perfect lack of sound.


When I awoke,


I did not speak.


I picked up the notebook

I keep by my bed

and I began to write,

the scratching of my pen

against this page

pulling and clicking

like the long, metallic freeing

of a zipper.


Do Not Go Quietly edited by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner is available now!

Double the reading fun!

By Lesley Conner
on May 21, 2019

As far as I know, today is a first for Apex Publications! Instead of releasing one new book for you to read and enjoy, today we have two! That's right! Today is the official release day for both Do Not Go Quietly edited by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner AND Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus.

Do Not Go Quietly is an anthology of victory in defiance. It includes stories by Brooke Bolander, Sarah Pinsker, John Hornor Jacobs, Fran Wilde, Rich Larson, and so many more. These stories are filled with anger, resistance, and hope!

Do Not Go Quietly is an anthology of science fiction and fantasy short stories about those who resist. Within this anthology, we will chronicle the fight for what is just and right, and what that means: from leading revolutions to the simple act of saying “No.”

Resistance can be a small act of everyday defiance. And other times, resistance means massive movements that topple governments and become iconic historical moments. Either way, there is power in these acts, and the contributors in Do Not Go Quietly will harness that power to shake our readers to the core. We are subordinates to a power base that is actively working to solidify its grip on the world. Now is the time to stand up and raise your voice and tell the world that enough is enough!

Get a taste of the stories within this collection by reading "Face" by Veronica Brush in the April issue of Apex Magazine.

Andrew Reising from Wild Speculation said that Do Not Go Quietly is " an excellent anthology." You can read his full review here

Join the resistance! Pick up your copy of Do Not Go Quietly today!

Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus takes the theme of resistance and revolution, and views it through a lens of steamfunk and alternate history.

Warning: Don't believe the hype!

All the poet called Sleepy wants to do is spit his verses, smoke chiba, and stay off the COP’s radar—all of which becomes impossible once he encounters a professional protestor known as (120 Degrees of) Knowledge Allah. They soon find themselves on the wrong side of local authorities and have to elude the powers that be.

When young heiress Sophine Jefferson’s father is murdered, the careful life she’d been constructing for herself tumbles around her. She’s quickly drawn into a web of intrigue, politics and airships, joining with Sleepy and Knowledge Allah in a fight for their freedom. Chased from one end of a retro-fitted Indianapolis to the other, they encounter outlaws, the occasional circus, possibly a medium, and more outlaws. They find themselves in a battle much larger than they imagined: a battle for control of the country and the soul of their people.

The revolution will not be televised!

Read the first chapter of Pimp My Airship here.

Paul's Picks called Pimp My Airship "a very good character-driven steampunk novel filled with gangsters, greed, and all means of gluttony. " You can read the full review here.

Pick up your copy of Pimp My Airship today!

Coming this September - The Apex Back Catalog Blog Tour!

By Lesley Conner
on May 16, 2019

One of the benefits of putting Apex Magazine on hiatus is I now have more time to focus on marketing and promoting the books we publish through Apex Book Company. You’ve probably noticed that I can’t shut up about our upcoming summer releases – Do Not Go Quietly edited by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner, Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus, Coil by Ren Warom, Snow Over Utopia by Rudolfo A. Serna, and Ration by Cody T Luff – and for good reason! They are all amazing, and I want to make sure these books find their way into the hands of readers who are going love them as much as Jason and I do.

With more time, I’m getting even more excited for these books and I hope that it’s getting you excited for them too! But it made me think: What about the books Apex has already published?

Since 2004, Apex Book Company has published around 70 books—everything from novels, novellas, nonfiction, anthologies, and single author short story collections. We’ve even published a poetry anthology! And you know what? These books, the ones we published last year and the ones published more than ten years ago, deserve the same level of excitement as the books coming out this summer!

With that in mind, this September Apex will be running a Back Catalog Blog Tour!

So what does this mean? It means I’m looking for book reviewers and book bloggers to review books from our back catalog and interview our authors, and post those reviews and interviews on their website during the month of September. My hope is to have a new post every day of the month (really I want two new posts every day, but let’s shoot for one first).

Which book can you review? Any of them! We have 70 books in our back catalog! Take a peek and see which one tickles your fancy. Then email me at and I’ll hook you up with a free review copy! Let me know what day in September you are planning to post your review, and I’ll get you on my schedule. As days fill up, I may ask reviewers if they can shift their post to a different day, but I’m going to try to work with reviewers and their schedules as much as possible.

Which authors can you interview? That’s where things get a little tricky. I have asked all of Apex’s authors if they are willing to participate in up to two interviews. Below I have listed which authors have said they are able to, the Apex book(s) that they wrote or edited, and how many interviews with them are still available. I will update this list as these interviews get snagged by reviewers/bloggers. The reason I’m asking our authors to only do two interviews is two-fold: 1. They’re busy! This isn’t a new release that they’re going to be talking about, and while I know they are excited to help promote their older work, I don’t want this to be a huge time commitment for them. And 2. My hope is we will be able to cover as many Apex titles over the month of September as possible. If twelve book bloggers all want to interview Damien Angelica Walters, that is great for Sing Me Your Scars and Cry Your Way Home, but less helpful for the other 68 books in our catalog.

If there is one author in particular you are interested in interviewing, contact me soon! I will be scheduling interviews on a first come, first served basis. Again, my email address is

The authors participating in interviews are (the number in parenthesis is how many they have left, I’ll remove their name once two have been scheduled):

Jennifer Pelland (2) – author of Unwelcome Bodies and Machine

Kirk Jones (2) – author of Aetherchrist

Monica Valentinelli (2) – co-editor of Upside Down

Benjanun Sriduangkaew (2) – author of Winterglass and Mirrorstrike (upcoming in November, 2019)

Justin Stewart (2) – artist of Kentucky Kaiju

Damien Angelica Walters (1) – author of Sing Me Your Scars and Cry Your Way Home

Steven Shrewsbury (2) – co-author of King of the Bastards and Throne of the Bastards

Mark Allan Gunnells (1) – author of Asylum

Paul Jessup (1) – author of Close Your Eyes

Michael Burstein (2) – author of I Remember the Future

Steve Rasnic Tem (2) – co-author of Yours to Tell

E. Catherine Tobler (2) – author of The Kraken Sea and The Grand Tour (upcoming in October, 2019)

Maurice Broaddus (1) – author of Pimp My Airship and I Can Transform You, co-author of Orgy of Souls, co-editor of Dark Faith and Dark Faith: Invocations

Mari Adkins (2) – author of Midnight       

Nick Mamatas (1) – author of Starve Better

Jaym Gates (2) – co-editor of Upside Down and War Stories

Lavie Tidhar (2) – author of HebrewPunk and An Occupation of Angels, editor of The Apex Book of World SF series

Tim Waggoner (2) – author of Like Death and Some Kind of Monster (upcoming in 2020)

Francesco Verso (2) – author of Nexhuman

Shawn Pryor (2) – author of Kentucky Kaiju

Jerry Gordon (1) – author of Breaking the World, co-editor of Dark Faith and Dark Faith: Invocations

Kristi DeMeester (1) – author of Everything That’s Underneath

Cody T Luff (2) – author of Ration

Sara M. Harvey (2) – author of The Convent of the Pure, The Labyrinth of the Dead, and The Tower of the Forgotten

Erica Satifka (1) – author of Stay Crazy       

Alex Livingston (2) – author of Glitch Rain         

Michael Wehunt (2) – author of Greener Pastures          

J.M. McDermott (2) – author of Disintegration Visions, Last Dragon, and Maze       

Mary Turzillo (2) – author of Mars Girls        

Mercedes Yardley (2) – author of Beautiful Sorrows

Jason Sizemore (2) – co-editor of Best of Apex Magazine volume 1, Do Not Go Quietly, Appalachian Undead, editor of The Zombie Feed, author of For Exposure, and owner/publisher of Apex Publications

Lesley Conner (2) – co-editor of Best of Apex Magazine volume 1 and Do Not Go Quietly, and managing editor of Apex Publications

Are you a book reviewer, book blogger, or bookstagramer? Do you want to be part of the Apex Back Catalog Blog Tour? Interested in reviewing one of our books or interviewing one of our authors? Both? Email me at



Lesley Conner

Managing Editor

Coil (Novel Excerpt)

By Jason Sizemore
on April 23, 2019
1 comment

Coil (Novel Excerpt)

Read the first chapter of Ren Warom's exciting new dark fantasy crime-noir COIL.

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A rundown of my last five months...

By Jason Sizemore
on April 12, 2019

After announcing our STOCKUP sale yesterday that referenced my health problems, a bunch of people have asked if I'm doing okay. The overwhelming support of friends both digital and IRL is good for the soul.

The short answer is that I'm doing well. But I've been through some things, man...

The long answer starts on a late November morning. I was having my usual large mug of coffee when I noticed that not all the coffee was making it down. In fact, most of it was dripping out of the left side of my  mouth. I soon discovered that nearly the whole left side of my face was immobile. I called my primary care doctor who ordered me to call an ambulance and be taken straight to the ER because she feared I was having a stroke.

I wasn't about to call an ambulance. Other than half my face being paralyzed, I felt fine. So I drove myself to the ER at the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital. Seeing my symptoms, the ER admitted me straight to the examination area. They performed a bunch of tests and scans. Finally, the ER doctor came back with an official diagnosis.

Him: "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you are not having a stroke."

Me: "Thank god."

Him: "The bad news is that your CT scan shows a large mass present on your mandible. I've contacted our oral surgeon for a consult."

Me: "Shit."

A couple days later I'm at my oral surgeon's office. My Bell's Palsy has grown worse and now it excruciatingly painful. I can barely talk. I can't close or blink my left eye. The surgeon performs a very painful biopsy cut from my gums and mandible and sends it to pathology. The biopsy leaves me with a large wound in the front of my mouth that now makes it impossible for me to talk and I can only eat through a straw.

The nerve pain in my face was a constant, making work difficult. All I could manage was warm compresses, sleep, and ibuprofen.

A few days later the results of the pathology report come back.

Him: "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you don't have cancer."

Me: "Thank god."

Him: "The bad news is that you have an aggressive odontogenic keratocyst that has to be removed. It's invaded virtually your entire mandible."

He tells me I will have to have a triple resection of my jaw. He will take my left leg's fibula, remove it, cut it into three pieces, and replace the diseased mandible with the fibula. I will lose all my bottom teeth, several salivary glands, and require a nerve bundle transplant. I'll be in a leg boot for 6 weeks and will require a skin graft for the leg. The surgery lasts 8 hours and that I will be in ICU for a week post-op.

Fortunately, since the keratocyst was benign, I didn't need immediate surgery, but the sooner the better.

Surgery was February 7th. I was in surgery for 12 hours. I was kept unconscious for an additional 24 hours. I spent 9 days in ICU.

The surgery was successful, but there had been a couple of complications the doctor had to deal with.

I spent several weeks eating nothing but protein shakes and crushed pain pills. My face was swollen and bruised. I had a boot on my leg thus limiting my mobility.

The surgeon had warned me that it would take me six weeks post-op before I would feel halfway decent. He was right. I didn't return to meaningful work until the last week of March. Last week I finally returned to full time as the pain in my healing mouth had finally started to ease up.

I'm still on a soft food and liquid diet and will be for a few more months. My face is still swollen quit a bit (people still stare at me when I go out in public). I still have no bottom teeth, it might be a year before I can get implants. There is a bright red scar that runs from ear to ear on my neck. My Bell's Palsy is about 80% healed, though I still can't lift my top left lip much.

But ... the good news is that the worst is behind me and that I am doing much better. The bad news is that Apex, my passion and occupation, was left mostly neglected by me for 4 months. Thus the rough patch Apex is now experiencing and the STOCKUP sale to help us get back on steady ground.

Apologies for the lengthy explanation. A lot of wild health stuff happened all at once. And I've left off many of the juicier bits ... such as my bad reaction to Oxycontin that caused me to hallucinate talking giant rabbits for a whole day.

Stock Up Before Prices Go Up!

By Lesley Conner
on April 11, 2019

Publishing is a tough business. Anyone who says it isn’t, is lying. But it’s also exciting and fast-paced and ever-evolving. If you’re not willing to evolve with it, publishing will leave you behind without a second thought.

For a long while, Apex has kept the prices of our novels quite low—typically around $4.99—while the price of everything else in publishing has continued to rise. The time has come for us evolve, and that means raising the eBook prices of our more recent novels slightly.

Beginning next week, the eBook editions of Stay Crazy, King of the Bastards, The Lost Level, Entertaining Demons, The Wicked, Ugly as Sin, Hole in the World, Nexhuman, Close Your Eyes, Breaking the World, and Return to the Lost Level will go up to $6.99. This is still below many other publishers’ eBook prices, but it puts Apex in a position to pay our authors a competitive rate while also keeping our books affordable for our readers.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, for one, if you’ve been waiting to pick up a copy of any of these titles, you have a week to get them before the prices go up. Take advantage of it and stock up!

Secondly, we’re hoping you’ll use this window of opportunity to help Apex over a bit of a rough patch.

If you follow Apex’s owner/publisher Jason Sizemore (@apexjason) or managing editor Lesley Conner (@LesleyConner) on Twitter, or if you’ve read any of the recent editorials in Apex Magazine, then you know that since late November 2018, Jason has been going through a long series of health issues that led to him having jaw surgery at the beginning of February. His recovery has been long and difficult. At this point, he’s about 90% back to his old self but, despite the Apex team pulling together to keep things going while Jason was in the hospital, business has suffered and the company is in a bit of a hole. There are a lot of expenses coming due for upcoming projects, and we need cash to cover these so that we can bring you all of the exciting releases we have lined up for 2019 without delay.

With Jason feeling better, both he and Lesley are excited for the future of Apex. We hope you’ll lend us a hand now to help us hop over this rough patch, and take on the rest of the year without a hitch.

How can you do this? Buy our books! Any of our books! Sales mean money for Apex, and right now that is what we need. Complete your purchase on Amazon, Weightless Books, B&N, or any other online retailer. And be sure to pick up those novels that will be going up in price next week!

Buy directly from Apex and save 15%! While purchasing books through a partner seller is great, the fact remains that when you buy directly through our store, we get to keep more of the profit. If you make a purchase in the Apex store between now and April 18th, you can save 15% off your entire order when you use discount code STOCKUP.

Tell a friend about your favorite Apex release, and encourage them to read it!

Review your favorite Apex books on Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and anywhere else. Honest reviews help new readers discover Apex books.

And thank you for continuing to support Apex. We know this is but a small bump in the road after what has honestly been a crappy start to the year. We are ready to put the beginning of 2019 behind us and move forward into an exciting future.

Pimp My Airship (Novel Excerpt)

By Jason Sizemore
on April 10, 2019

Pimp My Airship (Novel Excerpt)

Read the first chapter of the exciting new steamfunk novel PIMP MY AIRSHIP by Maurice Broaddus!

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Surgery and a Sneaky Subscription Drive

By Lesley Conner
on February 07, 2019
If you follow Apex Magazine's editor-in-chief Jason Sizemore on Twitter (@apexjason), or if you read his editorial from this month's issue, you know that he has been dealing with some health issues since this past November. (If you didn't know, you can read his editorial here.) As of when I'm writing this, he is in surgery to remove an aggressive growth and a 5 inch section of his jaw. Doctors will be rebuilding his jaw from a bone they remove from his leg. The surgery should last 8 hours, and he will be unconscious for 24 hours. After that, Jason will be in ICU for the next five to seven days.

None of that is spectacular, but it could have been worse, and after today Jason can focus on resting, recovering, and getting back to his true Apex Overlord status.

Knowing this surgery was coming up, I have been thinking a lot about what we could do for him. If I lived nearby, I'd make dinner for his family or make sure they don't need help around the house, but I don't. So what do you do when you live hours away and you want to show someone that you care? The answer I finally came to was you give them readers.

Apex is Jason's fulltime job. This is what he does, what he loves, so what better way to say "Get well soon!" than by running a mini subscription drive? I know that coming back online after being in the hospital for a week and seeing a bunch of new subscribers would make Jason really happy. So that's my goal. That's what I want to give him to say "Get well soon! We're here for you! You have our support!"

My goal is for Apex Magazine to pick up 100 new subscribers before Jason is home from the hospital. There are several ways to subscribe, depending on your subscription needs:

You can subscribe direct through Apex. For $2.99 a month, we will send you DRM-free ePub, mobi, and PDF files of each new issue so that you can download it onto your eReader.

If you have a Kindle, you can subscribe through Amazon and they will automatically deliver the new issue directly to your device.

Both direct Apex subscriptions and Amazon are recurring monthly subscriptions that you can start and stop at your convenience.

Weightless Books offers the more traditional 12-month subscription for $21.95 a year. This is a great way to get a year of Apex Magazine for yourself, or to give a year of Apex to a friend! You can give a gift subscription of Apex Magazine by adding the subscription to your cart, and then clicking the little box that says "this is a gift order." Enter the name and email address of your gift recipient, and checkout. Voila! You've given 12-months of Apex Magazine goodness to someone near and dear to you!

And, of course, there is Patreon. Our patrons help us fund specific goals for the magazine. Patrons can choose from several backer levels, and for those backing at $2.99 or more, they receive new issues the Sunday before the magazine's release. Patreon is how we fund our monthly podcast, and at the $600 level (which we are currently just under), we run a bi-monthly original novelette. When we hit $900 a month, we will add a second reprint to each issue.

Already have a subscription, but still want to show Jason some love? Browse the Apex Book Company catalog and pick up a book or two. Tweet about your favorite Apex book or Apex Magazine story (tag @ApexBookCompany and I'll be sure to retweet you). Write a review on Amazon.

All are little things that can add up to a big impact and really show Jason that we're here for him.

If you're interested in knowing how his surgery goes and how he is recovering, I will be sending out updates from my Twitter account (@LesleyConner). I will make sure to post as soon as I hear anything.

Thank you, and happy reading!

Lesley Conner
Managing Editor
Apex Publications

Hole in the World by Brian Keene available for preorder

By Jason Sizemore
on January 22, 2019

Hole in the World by Brian Keene available for preorder

Coming February 26th is the exciting new book in Brian Keene's The Lost Level series, HOLE IN THE WORLD.

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Coil by Ren Warom is available now!

June 18, 2019

Today’s the day! Coil by Ren Warom is officially here, and we couldn’t be happier to share this gritty genre...

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