Violet Lichen's first query window!

Violet Lichen editor-in-chief has announced her first query window. From Marissa van Uden's blog post:

Our very first query window opens from July 1 to July 14!

If you have a novella of 20-40K words that might fit our guidelines, please do consider submitting it during this period. As a reminder, the sub-genres I am looking for are Weird Fiction, New Weird, Eco-Speculative Fiction, Folk Horror, Surreal Fiction, and Literary Speculative Fiction.

Send your submission via Query Manager.

When it opens on July 1, the form will include requests for the following:

  • A 1 paragraph pitch (i.e., how the blurb on the back might read).
  • The synopsis: 1 to 2 pages is perfect. Include spoilers: this should reveal all the important elements of your story.
  • The first 30 pages of your novella. If reaching the end of a chapter takes you a little over this, that’s okay!
  • A description of similar books and your ideal readers/target audience. These questions are both optional. If you have no idea, it’s perfectly okay to skip these.
  • A query letter: Tell me a little about yourself and the book. I’m especially interested in why you wrote this particular story and what it means to you. Was there a particular inspiration, or were you driven by wanting to explore a particular issue or concept? Does the story have some special personal meaning to you?

Above all, don’t worry about being perfect with your query. I ask for these details so you have the opportunity to get the full idea and flavor of your novella across in a concise way, but if you can’t answer something, or if your pitch or synopsis is not the exact size I ask for, that’s okay! Don’t sweat it.

I look forward to reading your work!