Dark Faith: Invocations: $4.99—15.95

by Jerry Gordon and Maurice Broaddus

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Dark Faith: Invocations

ISBN: 978-1-937009-07-6

WINNER--"Magdala Amygdala" by Lucy Snyder of the 2012 Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction

Read "Sacrifice" by Jennifer Pelland from Dark Faith: Invocations

Religion, science, magic, love, family—everyone believes in something, and that faith pulls us through the darkness and the light.  The second coming of Dark Faith cries from the depths with 26 stories of sacrifice and redemption.

Sublet an apartment inside God's head.  Hunt giant Buddhas in a post-apocalyptic future.  Visit a city where an artist’s fantastic creations alter reality.  Discover the deep cosmic purpose behind your office vending machine.  Wield godlike powers and suffer the most heartbreaking of human limitations.

Join Max Allan Collins, Mike Resnick, Jay Lake, Jennifer Pelland, Laird Barron, Tom Piccirilli, Nisi Shawl, and a host of the genre's best writers for an exploration into the things we hold dear and the truths that shatter us.

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Table of Contents
"The Most" by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer (poem)
"Subletting God’s Head" by Tom Piccirilli
"The Cancer Catechism" by Jay Lake
"The Big Blue Peacock" by Nick Mamatas
"Kill the Buddha" by Elizabeth Twist
"Robotnik" by Lavie Tidhar
"Prometheus Possessed" by Matt Cardin
"Night Train" by Alma Alexander
"The Sandfather" by Richard Wright
"Sacrifice" by Jennifer Pelland
"Thou Art God" by Tim Waggoner
"Wishflowers" by Tim Pratt
"Coin Drop" by Richard Dansky
"Starter Kit" by R.J. Sullivan
"A Little Faith" by Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens
"The Revealed Truth" by Mike Resnick
"God’s Dig" by Kelly Eiro
"The Divinity Boutique" by Brian J. Hatcher
"The Birth of Pegasus" by K. Tempest Bradford
"All This Pure Light Leaking In" by LaShawn M. Wanak
"Fin De Siècle" by Gemma Files
"The Angel Seems" by Jeffrey Ford
"Magdala Amygdala" by Lucy A. Snyder
"A Strange Form of Life" by Laird Barron
"In Blood and Song" by Nisi Shawl and Michael Ehart
"Little Lies, Dear Leader" by Kyle S. Johnson
"I Inhale the City, the City Exhales Me" by Douglas F. Warrick
Cover Art:

by Anderzak


"The stories are well-crafted and transition smoothly from one voice to the next, reminding you over and over again, "If there is someone or something looking over you, it doesn't mean you will be happy or that everything will be OK." Even when you know it, that thought is horrifying."
Fangoria Magazine, Michael Gingold

"The writers, both new and seasoned and in between, are among the best of the best. And the stories in the anthology show it, too."
SpecMusicMuseReview, Scott M. Sandridge

"Dark Faith: Invocations is a highly successful anthology, ranging in tone and content across religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, while flirting with magic and other belief systems. We run the gamut of sincerity, honesty, irony, cynicism and humour, something to be treasured when so many editors and publishing houses choose not to explore the darker corners of faith. There are some outstanding stories here and, no matter what you believe, this is a book worth reading."
Thinking About Books, David Marshall

About the Editor
Maurice BroaddusMaurice Broaddus is the author of the Knights of Breton Court series as well as the novellas Orgy of Souls (co-written with Wrath James White) and Devil’s Marionette. He has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies, from Weird Tales to the Dark Dreams series to Apex Magazine. He can be found on the web at www.mauricebroaddus.com.

Jerry GordonJerry Gordon is the Bram Stoker nominated co-editor of Dark Faith and Last Rites.  His fiction has appeared in Apex Magazine, Shroud, and The Midnight Diner.  His apocalyptic thriller, Breaking The World, will be released through Apex Publications in 2013.  He lives in Indiana with his wife and new son.  When he’s not changing diapers, you can find him blurring genre lines at www.jerrygordon.net.