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  • $ 2.99$ 12.95 Glitch Rain

    Glitch Rain

    Akuba is a low-level hacker for the city's wealthy, making just enough to keep her bills paid and her booze flowing. Her job is to scrub the social feeds for...

  • $ 4.99$ 15.95 Best of Apex Magazine: Volume 1

    Best of Apex Magazine: Volume 1

    This anthology collects some of the best original short fiction published in Apex Magazine over the past six years. The stories include our numerous award-nominated works, our readers' Story of...

  • $ 4.99$ 16.95 The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 4

    The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 4

    Now firmly established as the benchmark anthology series of international speculative fiction, volume 4 of The Apex Book of World SF sees debut editor Mahvesh Murad bring fresh new eyes...

  • $ 6.99$ 15.95 King of the Bastards

    King of the Bastards

    Part sword and sorcery, part extreme horror, King of the Bastards is wild adventure across seas, beaches, and mountains full of horrifying monstrosities, dark magic, and demonic entities. Rogan has...

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