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  • $ 3.99$ 14.99 The Wicked

    The Wicked

     "The Wicked is a good old-fashioned, unabashed Horror novel. James Newman remembers when horror used to be fun, and he's recaptured it here in all of its gory glory. A...

  • $ 3.99$ 13.99 Ugly As Sin

    Ugly As Sin

    "The celebrities that are idolized and the horrific reality that some fans simply cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality are the elements that breathe refreshing life into this plot. A...

  • $ 7.99 Apex Magazine: SFFH #0

    Apex Magazine: SFFH #0

    Unlike Apex Magazine, this is a PRINT edition. Special print edition of the online zine Apex Magazine. Also available from Amazon. Apex Magazine: SFFH Issue #0 contains the following: FICTION...

  • $ 6.99$ 16.95 Rosewater


    "The story bounces over multiple decades, laying out Kaaro’s sordid past and assorted sins, but it never loses sight of the big picture, in which the machinations of aliens (whom...

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