2012 Apex Magazine Story of the Year Readers Poll

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Apex Publications Blog: Matters of SF, Fantasy, and Horror | 17 comments

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In 2012, Apex Magazine published 27 outstanding original short stories of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We would like our readers to select their favorites. The author with the story that receives the most votes will receive a nice frame certificate signed by a grateful editor (Lynne M. Thomas) and grateful publisher (Jason Sizemore) and a free Apex T-shirt.

Naturally, the accompanying fame and glory will be something to behold.

Please vote for your top three story choices.

The poll runs from January 30th through February 15th. I look forward to seeing the final results!

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  1. The Simi DORES her Fave Princess Alethea Kontis & her writing ROCKS!! Also Sara Monette & Mari Ness!! Good LUCK !!

  2. I LOVE Katharine Duckett’s writing! She is well on her way to a Nobel Prize.

  3. Always glad to vote for our amazing Princess Alethea

  4. Oh so proud to vote for a “Family” member DHO, Alethea Kontis

    • HUGE Charonte Cuddles bro!! Sooooooooooooooo happies to see you vote!!

      • I voted before midnight (per your rules), so it was REAL disappointing to see that voted continued to be added more than 1 hour and 30 minutes after the poll closed. Congrats to the “winner” at 1 a.m. (1 hour after the poll closed..no way it took longer than that to input all the legit votes!)–Sexagesimal–and the talented Katharine E.K. Duckett!

        • Hi Ken,

          For whatever reason, our polling software didn’t shut down the poll at the proper time. But NEVER FEAR! I am parsing through the voting log and will exclude anything after midnight. Also, any fishy looking votes will be excluded.

          A proper tally will be posted today.


          • You know FUNNY you should say FISHY votes on account of 2 days ago Alethea Kontis was ahead by I think close to 38 votes THEN last night all of a sudden she was behind & every time we had votes for her it just seemed strange how the top two kept being re done & there were as many votes for Duckette after midnight as there were for Alethea Kontis I stayed up until 2 am watching it

          • Hi SimiDemon,

            I wasn’t saying there WERE any fishy votes. Just that I would be reviewing the voting logs for fishy votes. I know you didn’t say I said this, but I want to make clear I’m not accusing anyone of anything malicious.

            Several people had large surges toward the end. Folks like to wait until the last day or so to vote for these things. :)

          • One LAST thing you did NOT specify WHICH Midnight Timezone was the cut off – NONE that I could find … Eastern or Central or Pacific or GMT or whatever so EXACTLY Which MIDNIGHT was it? Or which Continent ? I know that ALL of those amazing Authors have fans from around the world. I am through putting my 2 cents worth into the mix. I think that ALL of the writers are amazing & talented in their own rights

          • You’re right. I should have specified. FTR, it was Eastern. This was our first pass at doing something like this, so lessons were learned (Test the damn software, Jason! Define the timezone, Jason! Etc.). Thx for your keen interest and keep reading!

          • Thanks for clearing things up & The Simi comes from a LONG line of reading demons so no worries the Simi wont read… the Simis children read too its a good thing!

  5. *claps* YAY Alethea Kontis!

  6. Why do votes keep getting added 30 minutes after the voting closed?

  7. Alethea Kontis

  8. It don’t matter who wins, Congrats to every Author on the page. I think you all did a wonderful job! Glad I got a chance to see a few new authors I need to keep a eye on, and check out there work. Good job folks, keep up the good writing.

  9. Yay Althea Kontis!!_ Excellent writing!!


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