Yo Wake Up! Nate's Coffee & Apex Magazine Subscription

Nate's Coffee is the official coffee of Apex Magazine. It earns this title the hard way: by being the favorite coffee of Jason Sizemore (editor-in-chief) and Lesley Conner (managing editor), two people who drink way more coffee than any human should.

This bundle includes a 12 issue subscription to Apex Magazine. More importantly, you will receive a 1lb. bag of Nate's "Yo Wake Up" blend. We have confirmed with Nate's that this is their most potent coffee in terms of caffeine content.

Bright and crisp, a light roast with hints of walnut and chocolate that carries fruity undertones as it cools. This blend of Mexico and Guatemala offers a clean cup to help you get moving.

For more information about Nate's Coffee, visit them at natescoffee.com.

Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, this offer is available to US customers only. This bundle is limited to 5 orders.