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A work of Southern Gothic beauty infused with the mysticism of Appalachian culture.

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Samantha Clark has always known she was different.

Raised in a loveless household, she can almost forgive herself for turning to an abusive boyfriend to give her the roots and love she desperately needs. When that solution turns violent, Sami goes on the run, seeking the help of a college friend from her hometown of Harlan, KY. He offers her a chance at family, but he has secrets.

Set in rural Kentucky in 1985, Midnight is a snapshot of a region in the throes of economic despair as coal miners are laid off and abject poverty afflicts the area. Sami believes Harlan offers no hope until she meets the enigmatic Michael, a man out of place and time, living deep in the hills among a cult-like group of devotees.

At once a supernatural mystery and a story of hope, Midnight is a novel of perseverance and finding the power to fight back.

"With incisive characterization and a compelling plot, Mari Adkins' Midnight is a stirring work of dark fiction that will keep you reading long past the witching hour."
—Tim Waggoner, author of The Way of All Flesh

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About the Author

Mari Adkins started writing as soon as she could hold a crayon. A southern gothic fiction writer for adults and teens, her works reflect a love of literature and music flavored by the darkness and magic residing in the Appalachian foothills. She lived four years in the black heart of Harlan County, a placed mired in coal, ash, and blood, a land of coal seams and rhythmic discord that breed amity and illusion, all of which birthed the Harlan Vampire stories. Mari is known to dance with fairies and ghosts beneath full moons and wade barefoot in creeks and wild rivers. Visit her at http://mariadkins.com.