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A small town in Vermont broadcasts prophecies of its residents’ deaths, which spells trouble for traveling cutlery salesman Rey.

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The digital era: Analog is all but dead, but the rusted towers still strobe on the evening horizon. They project a conflicting myriad of hope, despair, and eyeless ghouls who claim to see the world in gigahertz.

A small town in Vermont broadcasts prophecies of its residents’ deaths. Rey, a cutlery salesman, seems to flicker at the center of every murder on screen. He thinks the town is rigged with cameras, or the locals are trying to set him up. But as the broadcasts grow increasingly surreal, and maniacs start showing up in town to remove his sensory organs, Rey starts to realize that the images pulsing beneath the static-riddled airwaves have woven him into a battle between people who believe that analog is the frequency of the gods.


"For a book reviewer, there is truly nothing more satisfying than being unexpectedly blown away by the next item up for review, and Aetherchrist, the latest novella from Kirk Jones, certainly did that and then some. In some ways, I’m still trying to get my head around what this strange little tale is all about. It’s exceptionally odd, beguiling, highly original, and probably more science fiction than horror. However, do not let that put you off, this is dark fiction at its finest and worthwhile addition to the world of weird modern fiction."
Tony Jones, Horror DNA

" satisfied my love of horror and ended up surprising me at every turn."
—Tammy Sparks, Books, Bones, and Buffy


Cover art by Mikio Murikami.
ISBN 9781937009663
144 pp.

About the Author

Kirk Jones (k3rk Dʒoʊnz): 1. English Director of Nanny McPhee 2. “Sticky Fingaz,” rap artist and actor who played Blade for the television series 3. Canadian who survived a dive over Niagara Falls ... only to return and pass upon his second attempt. 4. Boring white author of Uncle Sam’s Carnival of Copulating Inanimals (Eraserhead Press, 2010), Journey to Abortosphere (Rooster Republic, 2014), and Die Empty (Atlatl, 2017) who often gets mistaken for the other, arguably more notable, Kirk Jones fellows. 5. Also not Kirk Byron Jones.