Reach Your Apex: Workshops and Webinars for Writers, Editors, and Publishers

Reach Your Apex


The Reach Your Apex initiative is our way of making the knowledge and skills of publishing professionals available to those individuals who are seeking to improve their literary craft. While a majority of our offerings target the craft of writing, we will intersperse our curriculum with workshops/webinars covering various topics about the art of editing and the business side of publishing.

Our courses are planned quarterly and broken into Winter (Jan-Mar), Spring (Apr-June), Summer (July-Sept), and Fall (Oct-Dec).

There are three categories of Reach Your Apex offerings: live classes, on-demand (self-led) classes, and work-for-hire.

You can join the Reach Your Apex mailing list here.


These occur at a predetermined date and time. The price will vary based on the subject matter, instructor, and length, but, generally, they will be $250-$75.

Current list of classes.

After you purchase your seat, you'll receive a digital ticket that will contain a pass code to a private Zoom meeting scheduled for the date and time of the class/webinar. Expect to receive an automatic reminder from our ticketing system 24 hours in advance of the session.


These are lectures and workshops that are pre-packaged and available to be viewed at your own pace. They will be priced from $10-$20.


Would you like to work with a writing/editing professional to receive feedback on a short story? A limited number of openings are offered each quarter from the Apex Book Company and Apex Magazine editors. These are priced at $75-$100.

After you purchase your critique, you will receive order confirmation from Apex and our editor will reach out to you via your account email.


Apex Books provides at least two seats in our writing workshops that are free for those experiencing financial hardship. If you want to take our workshop but can't afford to pay the workshop fee, email Jason Sizemore (


Is there a workshop or webinar you would like one of our instructors to lead for your writing or critique group? Email Jason Sizemore ( to determine the availability of your desired instructor and for a group rate quote.


  • Apex Magazine runs a series of freely available essays called FOR WRITERS that covers various topics related to writing.
  • Apex Magazine also does a quarterly video series called SNAP JUDGMENT where Jason Sizemore, Lesley Conner, and another professional editor gives feedback on opening paragraphs of stories.
  • Professional writing organizations such as Science Fiction Writers Association (SFWA) and Horror Writers Association (HWA) are useful resources, particularly for new writers.
  • The Submission Grinder is a great way of tracking market response times.