Undead: A Poetry Anthology of Ghosts and Ghouls

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Undead: A Poetry Anthology of Ghouls, Ghosts, and More offers over seventy contemporary poets contending with a time-honored topic: what lies beyond ‘the great beyond.’ The breadth of selection showcases poems ranging from deceased relatives and celebrities to other undead entities such as vampires, automatons, angels, and yes, zombies. This anthology makes for a definitive addition to any speculative lit library.

Poetry contributors include: Tony Barnstone, Erinn Batykefer, Melissa Bell, Shaindel Beers, K.T. Billey, Andrea Blythe, Rob Boley, Andrew Bourelle, David Bowles, Suzanne Burns, Cathleen Calbert, Lauren Camp, Lucia Cherciu, May Chong, Jackie Chou, Chloe N. Clark, Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Curtis Crisler, John Paul Davies, Carol V. Davis, Ann DeVilbiss, Joan M. DiMartino, Donelle Dreese, Nettie Farris, Ruth Foley, Joshua Gage, Martha Gehringer, Kim Goldberg, Amelia Gorman, Lea Graham, Yalonda Green, John Grey, Jennifer Hernandez, John Hoppenthaler, Leonard Kress, John James, Tausha Johnson, Mary Soon Lee, Sandi Leibowitz, Alexander Lumans, Jeffrey H. MacLachlan, Amy MacLennan, J.G. McClure, C. McDaniel-Reed, Jeremy Megargee, Tiffany Midge, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Lenard D. Moore, Annie Neugebauer, Kurt Newton, Valerie Nieman, Jeremy Paden, Tina Parker, Zachary Riddle, Jamieson Ridenhour, Gina Roitman, Nicole Rollender, Margaret Rozga, Eva Schlesinger, Salik Shah, Christina Sng, Bianca Lynne Spriggs, Ashlie Stevens Margo Stever, Karah Stokes, Katerina Stoykova, Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, Mark Teats, Allison Thorpe, Megan Tilley, Jonathan Travelstead, Holly Lyn Walrath, Emily Paige Wilson, Keith S. Wilson, Hermine Pinson, and Katie Riley


Cover art by Andrea Coates.
ISBN 9781937009700

About the Editors:

Bianca Lynne Spriggs is an award-winning poet currently based in Athens, Ohio, where she is an Assistant Professor of English at Ohio University. She is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently, Call Her by Her Name (Northwestern University Press, 2016) and The Galaxy is a Dance Floor (Argos Books, 2016).

Katerina Stoykova is the author of several books of poetry, including How God Punishes (ICU, 2014), The Porcupine of Mind (Broadstsone, 2012), and The Air Around the Butterfly (Fakel Express, 2009). She splits her time between the coast of the Black Sea and the rolling hills of Kentucky. She writes, lives, and thinks in two languages.