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The Her Pitiless Command series conclusion!

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For her entire life, Nuawa has made herself a weapon to assassinate the Winter Queen.

She failed. Her secrets are laid bare and she has lost everything.

The queen keeps Nuawa as a tool, and soon a sacrifice as she brings her ultimate goal to fruition: to harness the divine power of her makers that'll make her lover General Lussadh immortal.

But Nuawa isn't done fighting yet. She has one final chance—and she will take it, trading her soul to try one last time to end winter's eternity... even if it means she must lose Lussadh forever.


“Politics, relationships, and combat presented as a matryoshka...”
—Jonathan L. Howard, author of Johannes Cabal the Necromancer


ISBN 978-1937009-97-7
Pp. 162

Cover art by Anna Dittmann

About the Author:

Benjanun Sriduangkaew has been nominated for the British Science Fiction Association Award and the Campbell New Writer Award (since renamed Astounding Award for Best New Writer). Having lived in Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, her worlds are informed by Southeast Asia and post-colonial lenses. She is the author of the fantasy Her Pitiless Command trilogy and the space opera Machine Mandate series.
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