Close Your Eyes

A viral language infects the crew in this weird space opera by Paul Jessup.
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Language is a virus. Open this book. Read the words. Feel them infect you. Identity is a disease. Flip the pages. Stay up all night. Watch it transform you. You cannot deny it. You cannot close your eyes and shut out the changes. You know you want to. You really want to. But it’s too late. You can’t.

Critically acclaimed author of weird fiction Paul Jessup sends puppets to speak and fight for their masters. Welcome to a far future universe that stretches the imagination to breaking, where a ragtag crew of post-human scavengers rage and love on a small ship in the outer reaches of space, and moon-sized asylums trap the unwary in a labyrinth of experimentation in both identity and sanity.

Welcome to Close Your Eyes, a mind expanding surrealistic space opera that not only includes the out-of-print classic Open Your Eyes, but takes it to whole new level in a much awaited sequel.

Go ahead. Pick it up. Read it. Let it infect you.

“A beautiful, fractured story of beautiful, fractured people in prose powerful enough that it feels fired from a shotgun.”
– Jon Hollins, author of the Dragon Lords trilogy

ISBN 978-1937009694
230 pages
Cover art by Daniele Cascone.

Paul Jessup is a critically acclaimed, award-winning weird writer. For over twenty years now he’s taunted magazines with words in short story format, getting into such luminous places as Apex Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, PostScripts, Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, Interzone, Nightmare and a host of others. He has some books out, here and there. Creeping among the shadows. Waiting to trap wary searchers. This book is the worst trap of them all. A beast of a thing, with iron jaws and a hungry maw.