The Innovative Worlds Story Bundle

We're pleased to have two titles on offer in a current Story Bundle curated by Tenea Johnson.

For the next two weeks Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus and Let's Play White by Chesya Burke join titles by Larissa Lai, Andy Duncan, Tenea D. Johnson, Bill Campbell & Francesco Verso, JD Scott, Eileen Gunn, and Ginn Hale.

Check it out here.

The Innovative Worlds Bundle - Curated by Tenea D. Johnson: Innovation can mean the difference between progress and stagnation, wonder and woe, seeing the return of dim days or a new age of enlightenment. An innovative world is one where you can immerse yourself and learn something new, see a trope turned on its head, meet characters that will frequent the passages of your mind, navigating by the spark of newness they carry through the gloom.

Innovative worlds can shine as an example of what to be or provide respite from what, if only temporarily, is. Or they can make you appreciate what ain't broke.

One could make a strong case that innovation and its possibilities are in short supply at the moment. But not here.

Come get yours.