Free eBooks for your Covid-19 Social Distancing

By Jason Sizemore
on March 18, 2020

Free eBooks for your Covid-19 Social Distancing

We hope this selection of free Apex titles will help make this stressful time pass a little easier, a little quicker.

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Limited Time Only! Disintegration Visions and Maze eBook Bundle

By Lesley Conner
on April 01, 2015

We have a fantastic deal on two J.M. McDermott books! For a limited time only, get both Disintegration Visions and Maze for only $1.99 direct from Apex Publications!

Disintegration Visions features 15 of J.M. McDermott's most provocative and original dark fantasy, science fiction, and horror short stories. Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it.

Maze is a dark journey. From every corner of time and space, sometimes people go missing without a trace. They never come back.

Get lost in the long stone halls of the maze with the ones that find each other, form tribes, scrape out a life from rocks and sand. Their stories interweave. Maia Station is a scientist ripped from stasis, but she has no tools to test the way things are. Instead, she raises her daughter as best she can and survives. Wang Xin once had his head dipped in water, and a djinni in the water entered his eye. He sees the future, exactly as it was supposed to be if he hadn’t seen the light, but it does him no good in the life he has. In a world much like our own, Joseph comes home from a ten year high school reunion and encounters a light in the darkness. The light speaks.

My name is Jenny. Put me in your lung.

Breathe deep.

Don't wait! Get both Disintegration Visions and Maze for only $1.99. Deal ends May 31st!

Already own Maze? Get Disintegration Visions for only $0.99 from now until the end of April.

Apex & VODO team up to bring you MAZE by JM McDermott at half price

By Jason Sizemore
on November 13, 2014

Our friends at VODO are offering the eBook edition of JM McDermott's new Apex novel MAZE at half price. Get it for only $3.49!

VODO also has a cool bid system where you can place a bid on what you will pay for the book. If it matches or exceeds the reserve price, then you'll get the book at your bid!

Check it out!

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