If you follow Apex Magazine's editor-in-chief Jason Sizemore on Twitter (@apexjason), or if you read his editorial from this month's issue, you know that he has been dealing with some health issues since this past November. (If you didn't know, you can read his editorial here.) As of when I'm writing this, he is in surgery to remove an aggressive growth and a 5 inch section of his jaw. Doctors will be rebuilding his jaw from a bone they remove from his leg. The surgery should last 8 hours, and he will be unconscious for 24 hours. After that, Jason will be in ICU for the next five to seven days.

None of that is spectacular, but it could have been worse, and after today Jason can focus on resting, recovering, and getting back to his true Apex Overlord status.

Knowing this surgery was coming up, I have been thinking a lot about what we could do for him. If I lived nearby, I'd make dinner for his family or make sure they don't need help around the house, but I don't. So what do you do when you live hours away and you want to show someone that you care? The answer I finally came to was you give them readers.

Apex is Jason's fulltime job. This is what he does, what he loves, so what better way to say "Get well soon!" than by running a mini subscription drive? I know that coming back online after being in the hospital for a week and seeing a bunch of new subscribers would make Jason really happy. So that's my goal. That's what I want to give him to say "Get well soon! We're here for you! You have our support!"

My goal is for Apex Magazine to pick up 100 new subscribers before Jason is home from the hospital. There are several ways to subscribe, depending on your subscription needs:

You can subscribe direct through Apex. For $2.99 a month, we will send you DRM-free ePub, mobi, and PDF files of each new issue so that you can download it onto your eReader.

If you have a Kindle, you can subscribe through Amazon and they will automatically deliver the new issue directly to your device.

Both direct Apex subscriptions and Amazon are recurring monthly subscriptions that you can start and stop at your convenience.

Weightless Books offers the more traditional 12-month subscription for $21.95 a year. This is a great way to get a year of Apex Magazine for yourself, or to give a year of Apex to a friend! You can give a gift subscription of Apex Magazine by adding the subscription to your cart, and then clicking the little box that says "this is a gift order." Enter the name and email address of your gift recipient, and checkout. Voila! You've given 12-months of Apex Magazine goodness to someone near and dear to you!

And, of course, there is Patreon. Our patrons help us fund specific goals for the magazine. Patrons can choose from several backer levels, and for those backing at $2.99 or more, they receive new issues the Sunday before the magazine's release. Patreon is how we fund our monthly podcast, and at the $600 level (which we are currently just under), we run a bi-monthly original novelette. When we hit $900 a month, we will add a second reprint to each issue.

Already have a subscription, but still want to show Jason some love? Browse the Apex Book Company catalog and pick up a book or two. Tweet about your favorite Apex book or Apex Magazine story (tag @ApexBookCompany and I'll be sure to retweet you). Write a review on Amazon.

All are little things that can add up to a big impact and really show Jason that we're here for him.

If you're interested in knowing how his surgery goes and how he is recovering, I will be sending out updates from my Twitter account (@LesleyConner). I will make sure to post as soon as I hear anything.

Thank you, and happy reading!

Lesley Conner
Managing Editor
Apex Publications