Publishing is a tough business. Anyone who says it isn’t, is lying. But it’s also exciting and fast-paced and ever-evolving. If you’re not willing to evolve with it, publishing will leave you behind without a second thought.

For a long while, Apex has kept the prices of our novels quite low—typically around $4.99—while the price of everything else in publishing has continued to rise. The time has come for us evolve, and that means raising the eBook prices of our more recent novels slightly.

Beginning next week, the eBook editions of Stay Crazy, King of the Bastards, The Lost Level, Entertaining Demons, The Wicked, Ugly as Sin, Hole in the World, Nexhuman, Close Your Eyes, Breaking the World, and Return to the Lost Level will go up to $6.99. This is still below many other publishers’ eBook prices, but it puts Apex in a position to pay our authors a competitive rate while also keeping our books affordable for our readers.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, for one, if you’ve been waiting to pick up a copy of any of these titles, you have a week to get them before the prices go up. Take advantage of it and stock up!

Secondly, we’re hoping you’ll use this window of opportunity to help Apex over a bit of a rough patch.

If you follow Apex’s owner/publisher Jason Sizemore (@apexjason) or managing editor Lesley Conner (@LesleyConner) on Twitter, or if you’ve read any of the recent editorials in Apex Magazine, then you know that since late November 2018, Jason has been going through a long series of health issues that led to him having jaw surgery at the beginning of February. His recovery has been long and difficult. At this point, he’s about 90% back to his old self but, despite the Apex team pulling together to keep things going while Jason was in the hospital, business has suffered and the company is in a bit of a hole. There are a lot of expenses coming due for upcoming projects, and we need cash to cover these so that we can bring you all of the exciting releases we have lined up for 2019 without delay.

With Jason feeling better, both he and Lesley are excited for the future of Apex. We hope you’ll lend us a hand now to help us hop over this rough patch, and take on the rest of the year without a hitch.

How can you do this? Buy our books! Any of our books! Sales mean money for Apex, and right now that is what we need. Complete your purchase on Amazon, Weightless Books, B&N, or any other online retailer. And be sure to pick up those novels that will be going up in price next week!

Buy directly from Apex and save 15%! While purchasing books through a partner seller is great, the fact remains that when you buy directly through our store, we get to keep more of the profit. If you make a purchase in the Apex store between now and April 18th, you can save 15% off your entire order when you use discount code STOCKUP.

Tell a friend about your favorite Apex release, and encourage them to read it!

Review your favorite Apex books on Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and anywhere else. Honest reviews help new readers discover Apex books.

And thank you for continuing to support Apex. We know this is but a small bump in the road after what has honestly been a crappy start to the year. We are ready to put the beginning of 2019 behind us and move forward into an exciting future.