Hi there!

The Apex Overlord Jason Sizemore has left on a rare vacation, leaving all thing Apex and Apex Magazine related in my hands. This was a fabulous idea on his part! I mean, I've been managing editor for nearly three years and have worked for Apex for more than five. Surely I can be trusted to hold down fort while Jason gets some much needed rest and relaxation ...


Of course! And what better way to show Jason that he made the right decision leaving me in charge than by making sure we make tons of sales while he's away! Sales mean people are reading our books and Apex Magazine! More readers means more fans and more fans means more sales in the future as we publish more amazing books!

Seems like a solid plan to me!

To make sure this happens, I've decided to offer you a fantastic deal! Save 35% off everything in our store! Print! Digital! Apex Magazine subscriptions! You can save 35% off all of it with discount code JasonVacay. No limits! No exceptions!

Everything in the Apex store is on sale!

But hurry! I'm sure when Jason gets back next Monday he's going to put an end to this deal!

Use discount code JasonVacay and save 35% on your entire order! Let's prove to Jason he made the right choice leaving me in charge!

Happy reading!

Lesley Conner (Temporary Apex Overlord)