Tade Thompson is a talented writer that we here at Apex think everyone should be reading (check out his story "Child, Funeral, Thief, Death" in Apex Magazine issue 76). Later this year we will be bringing you a whole lot more from Tade with a new sci-fi novel. 

Rosewater is science fiction novel set in Nigeria that deals with an alien invasion and the impact it has on Earth.

Today we have the cover for this awesome new book, as well as the synopsis. Later this week, we'll open up preorders so you can be the first in line to read it.


Between meeting a boy who bursts into flames, alien floaters that want to devour him, and a butterfly woman who he has sex with when he enters the xenosphere, Kaaro’s life is far from the simple one he wants. But he left simple behind a long time ago when he was caught stealing and nearly killed by an angry mob. Now he works for a government agency called Section 45, and they want him to find a woman known as Bicycle Girl. And that’s just the beginning.

An alien entity lives beneath the ground, forming a biodome around which the city of Rosewater thrives. The citizens of Rosewater are enamored by the dome, hoping for a chance to meet the beings within or possibly be invited to come in themselves. But Kaaro isn’t so enamored. He was in the biodome at one point and decided to leave it behind. When something begins killing off other sensitives like himself, Kaaro defies Section 45 to search for an answer, facing his past and coming to a realization about a horrifying future.

Cover art by Igor Vitkovskiy.

Cover design by Russell Dickerson.