Revive the Drive

Today’s the day! It’s time to Revive the Drive!

Back in October/November, we began our annual subscription drive to raise funds for 2017. After the election, we decided to end that drive early despite not yet meeting our goal; it was not the time to be pushing a drive. This was the best decision we could make at the time, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the need to raise funds for 2017.

Revive the Drive!

From now until April 17th, we are bringing back the Apex Magazine subscription drive to raise $10,000! We have all new reward tiers to unlock, amazing original fiction to add to the January 2018 issue, and fantastic goodies specially donated to help us reach our goal! Check out our Revive the Drive store! Anything purchased there goes directly to our fund drive!

Pick up a subscription for only $17, tell your friends, and help us revive the drive!

  • $500 – Polls will open for readers to vote for the cutest/best Apex animal mascot: Pumpkin versus Oz! (Expect loads of adorable pics on social media as our editors try to sway you to vote for their pet!) Also, Jason and Lesley will each donate $25 to the Humane Society
  • $1,000 – Apex will donate two short story critiques (one each from Jason and Lesley) to the ConOrBust auction, as well a membership to Imaginarium this October
  • $1,500 – Jason and Lesley’s It Follows debate goes live! Join our editors as they watch It Follows and live tweet the entire experience. If you’ve been following their conversations about the movie on Twitter, then you do not want to miss this! Date and time will be announced once this tier has been unlocked.
  • $2,000 – an original short story by Tade Thompson in the January 2018 issue
  • $2,500 – a poem to the January 2018 issue
  • $3,000 – a reprint to the January 2018 issue
  • $3,500 – Andrea Johnson will conduct a video interview with Jason Sizemore, asking him questions submitted by our readers
  • $4,000 – a nonfiction essay to the January 2018 issue
  • $4,500 – a second poem to the January 2018 issue
  • $5,000 – an original short story by Delilah S. Dawson in the January 2018 issue
  • $5,500 – podcast a second original story in the January 2018 issue
  • $6,000 – Apex donates a membership to ConFusion to ConOrBust
  • $6,500 – raise cover artist rates to $75
  • $7,000 – original artwork for all original fiction unlocked during the drive for the January 2018 issue
  • $7,500 – an original short story by Cherie Priest in the January 2018 issue
  • $8,000 – behind the scenes video with Jason
  • $8,500 – original artwork for all six stories in the January 2018 issue
  • $9,000 – a new print issue of Apex Magazine: SFFH #1
  • $9,500 – raise author rates to 7 cents per word
  • $10,000 – an original short story by Jacqueline Carey in the January 2018 issue
  • STRETCH GOAL!!! $15,000 – raise author rates to 8 cents per word and artist rates to $100!

Already have a subscription? You can renew now for only $17 and we will add another 12 months to your existing subscription. Or make a donation of at least $5 and get a personalized Thank You! postcard from managing editor Lesley Conner—she has a stack of vintage sci-fi novel cover postcards that she’s just dying to share with all of you!

The easiest way to support our subscription drive is to subscribe directly through Apex or by purchasing one of the many donated items we’re offering exclusively through the drive (Head over the the Revive the Drive store to see all the cool things available. New items will be added throughout the drive.), but we know there are people who prefer to subscribe through Weightless Books or Amazon. This is great! If you subscribe through either of these sites, please email a copy of your receipt to Lesley at to make sure we can count your subscription to our total!

Thank you for all of the support you have shown Apex Magazine in the past, for helping us Revive the Drive, and for supporting us for the rest of 2017 and beyond!

(And a shout out to John Hornor Jacob for the beautiful promo graphic at the top of this page!)