On June 5th, 2018, Brian Keene was badly burned in a brush fire accident.

As a freelance writer, Brian does not have health insurance. His medical costs are estimated to be north of $300,000. He has months of recovery ahead of him and during this time, he will be unable to write or do other work.

Brian is a longtime advocate for writers. He's an Iraq War veteran. And Brian is a philanthropist who works many, many hours with the Scares That Care charity to raise money annually for breast cancer patients, burn victims, and childhood illness.

Apex wants to extend a little help to a guy who has spent so much of his life in service of others.

Brian's friends have setup a GoFundMe page here. If you can spare a few dollars, please do so.

And through the end of June,all proceeds of all Apex direct (meaning books sold through our website) eBook sales of Brian's two solo novel with Apex Book Company, The Lost Level and Return to the Lost Level, will go directly to Brian.

The Lost Level ($4.99): https://www.apexbookcompany.com/products/the-lost-level?variant=1037192101

Return to the Lost Level ($4.99): https://www.apexbookcompany.com/collections/all-books/products/return-to-the-lost-level?variant=3293482975258

We don't expect to raise the $300,000 ourselves. But every dollar matters for Brian and his family.