Grab your helmet! Strap into your seat! Get ready for an out of this world sci-fi adventure in Mars Girls by Mary Turzillo!

Early reviewers of Mars Girls have been blown away by Nanoannie and Kapera’s exciting story:

Mars Girls is a fast-paced, exhilarating space adventure.” — Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews

“This book was a treat from start to finish. A fast-paced, adventure in the hard SF mould, it's pretty relentless action from the very beginning.” — Blue Book Balloon

“Mary Turzillo takes strange to a whole new level, but she deftly combines it with humor, teenage hijinks and adventure. Mars Girls is aimed at the young adult crowd, but this story will put a smile on your face no matter what your age.” — Books, Bones, & Buffy

And now you can go on your own Red Planet romp! Mars Girls by Mary Turzillo is out today!

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Nanoannie is bored. She wants to go to clubs, wear the latest Earth fashions, and dance with nuke guys. But her life is not exciting. She lives on her family's Pharm with her parents, little sister, and a holo-cat named Fuzzbutt. The closest she gets to clubs are on the Marsnet. And her parents are pressuring her to sign her contract over to Utopia Limited Corp before she's even had a chance to live a little. When Kapera—a friend from online school—shows up at her Pharm asking for help, Nanoannie is quick to jump in the rover and take off. Finally an adventure!

What Nanoannie and Kapera find at the Smythe's Pharm is more than the girls bargained for. The hab has been trashed and there are dead bodies buried in the backyard! If that wasn't bad enough, the girls crash the rover and Kapera gets kidnapped by Facers who claim her parents are murderers! Between Renegade Nuns, Facers, and corp geeks, Nanoannie and Kapera don't know who to trust or where to go. Kapera only wants to find her parents so they can get to Earth Orbitals and she can be treated for her leukemia. Nanoannie wants to help her friend and experience a little bit of Mars before selling her contract to the first corp that offers to buy it.

Life isn't easy when you're just a couple of Mars Girls.

Bring a little adventure to your summer reading! Read Mars Girls!