Kentucky Kajiu: "The Chelonian Cycle" by Shawn Pryor

Bureau of Kaiju Cataclysm Report

Update: February 2, 2016

City/State: Covington, KY

Location: Madison Music Venue

Most residents of Covington, KY are finally returning to normal everyday life after the menacing Kaiju known as Smokestack escaped from its private, enclosed sanctuary at Lake Malone State Park, causing terror all over the state. After heroic Kaiju such as Bushi Bear, Catdronius, and CAW! failed in their attempts to stop Smokestack, as a desperate act, the Bureau decided to use the services of Chelonian Maximus in an attempt to defeat it.

On January 22, 2014, in the town of Highland Heights, KY, Chelonian Maximus was able to subdue Smokestack by using a mega-blast of its time pausing waves to freeze the evil monster in place. The monster was then secured in a containment facility. However, the time pausing waves that Chelonian used to restrain Smokestack spread over a 10-mile radius, freezing complete towns in place. Everything in the town, people, animals, vehicles, was frozen in time. After a week, the time pause ended and everything was back to status quo except for a small concert hall in Covington, KY that was within the 10-mile radius of Chelonian’s blast. Everyone inside the Madison Music Venue is still frozen in time, and we are unsure as to when they will be released from the pause. One of the risks of using Chelonian Maximus as a weapon is that the waves and their effects have no consistency.

Over the last two years, our Cataclysm Deployment & Research team have been able to identify every person in the concert hall, and we have notified their immediate families. For safety/health purposes, we have requested that respective family members of those frozen in the venue not visit. We have installed cameras in the venue and given immediate family members video access so they can check in on their loved ones.

The performer in the venue when the time pause occurred, multi-platinum singer Christina Whitney, who was kicking off her small comeback tour at the Madison Music Venue after a five-year hiatus from the spotlight, is still on the stage, holding her microphone, mouth agape, possibly hitting a power note as the crowd looks on with smiles and tears of joy frozen in place. Smartphone camera flashes have stopped in time; fans’ screaming mouths are wide open but soundless; people are frozen in mid-air, jumping for joy, clapping stopped in mid-motion. No one inside of the concert hall has aged during this two-year time pause. No dust or bacteria have formed.

EscapeScope Records has tried to extract Christina Whitney on multiple occasions via legal means to use her as a display exhibit in Las Vegas, but their appeals have been repeatedly denied because their motives have been seen as inhumane.

We have attempted to use hybrid chemical agents from Chelonian’s DNA as an antidote to release the time pause, but our multiple attempts over the last year have failed and there is concern that these chemical fixes are possibly extending the pause.

We’re putting a hold on using chemical attempts and will keep the area secure in the hopes that one day the pause will unlock and set everyone in the Madison Music Venue free.

End of Report

Bureau of Kaiju Cataclysm

Team 43

Project Supervisor, Davis Cabriolet

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