Today’s the day! Coil by Ren Warom is officially here, and we couldn’t be happier to share this gritty genre bending novel with you!

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Ren Warom weaves a tale laced with gang crime, underground body mod shops, and shocking murders.

Bone Adams is a legend, the best mortician in the spires. When a new killer begins leaving bodies twisted and bent into grotesque pieces of art, City Officer Stark tasks Bone to unravel the clues. As more victims are discovered, Bone and Stark are drawn deeper into a world where pain and personal statement blend and blur, and finally end up hunting for a semi-mythical man-machine named Burneo deep within the sewers.

But things aren't what they seem. While searching for Burneo, Bone and Stark discover a hidden lab full of evidence of horrific abuses of science and experimentation. Meanwhile, the killer is still on the loose, and, as Stark becomes more and more obsessed with the case, Bone is forced to a shattering realization. Everything is connected: the killings, the gang activity, the labs, and his own past. Unless he can figure out how, he won't survive.

"The combination of noir, horror, and sci-fi broaden Coil's appeal but it's the protagonist and antagonist which make this something special; two sides of the same grime and blood crusted coin."
—Just a Guy Who Likes to Read review blog

Coil is an exciting novel that twists tropes, zigs when you think it will zag, and leaves you breathless for more. Don’t miss out on this exciting new release from Apex Book Company. It may not be your typical fluffy beach read, but this is the perfect book for those who love Apex’s particular blend of dark sci-fi.

ISBN: 978-9370009-79-3

330 pages.

Cover art by Matt Davis.

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