Apex Publications is pleased to announce that we will be adding seven book titles to our catalog from Shock Totem in the wake of the announcement of their closure.

Apex will be releasing the following books formerly under the Shock Totem brand:

Beautiful Sorrows, by Mercedes M. Yardley
The Wicked, by James Newman
Ugly As Sin, by James Newman
Shine Your Light on Me, by Lee Thompson
Greener Pastures, by Michael Wehunt
Everything That’s Underneath, by Kristi DeMeester
Aetherchrist, by Kirk Jones

We are absolutely delighted to be working with this group of talented authors. Apex recently published Kristi DeMeester in Apex Magazine, James Newman is a horror icon, and the rest are all authors on the rise.

Right now, the plan is to release The Wicked and Ugly As Sin first, followed by Shine Your Light on Me then Beautiful Sorrows.