Happy Fourth of July and new Apex Magazine day! We open the July issue with out-of-this-world cover art by Quentin Castel, and mind-bending fiction that questions our reality. Our original fiction this month is by Eric Schwitzgebel and Rich Larson. Our reprint this month is by Kai Ashante Wilson. We have amazing essays by upcoming Apex Book Company authors Daniel I. Russell and Kristi DeMeester. Plus, take a look at Daniel I Russell’s upcoming release Entertaining Demons with an excerpt. We also have insightful interviews with Eric Schwitzgebel and cover artist Quentin Castel.

Today on the Apex Magazine website, you can read Jason Sizemore’s editorial and Rich Larson’s “L’appel du vide.” We will release all the content to read for FREE online throughout the month. Be sure to check back often to see what is new.

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Table of Contents
Words from the Editor-in-Chief — Jason Sizemore

L'appel du vide — Rich Larson
<<Légendaire.>> — Kai Ashante Wilson
Entertaining Demons (Excerpt) — Daniel I. Russell

Interview with Author Eric Schwitzgebel — Andrea Johnson
Mothers Who Consume — Kristi DeMeester
Interview with Cover Artist Quentin Castel — Russell Dickerson
Entities of Modern Evil — Daniel I. Russell

Until next month, happy reading!