Apex Magazine issue 101 is LIVE and full of amazing content perfect for the Halloween season!

This month we have original fiction from Dennis Danvers, Lavie Tidhar, and Annie Neugebauer. We also have high student Kate Ingram, who won a writing contest are her school, the prize for winning being publication in this issue! Our reprint this month is by the wonderful Sheree Renee Thomas. Ed Grabianowski gets up close and personal with Black Hole Zion about their sci-fi themed album in his feature, and Andrea Johnson discusses aliens, literature classes and more with Dennis Danvers in our author interview. Finally, Russ Dickerson gets a chance to sit down with Ruben Castro and discuss the truly amazing and totally Apex appropriate cover in our cover artist interview (in all honesty, I am so in love with the cover this month—it is the Apex alien head come to life and it is so perfect for October!). And finally, we have an excerpt of the always stunning Alethea Kontis’s novel Haven, Kansas, which is on sale now for only 99 cents on Kindle!

Head over to the Apex Magazine website to read Words from the Editor-in-Chief and “Penelope Waits” by Dennis Danvers now! More content will be released throughout the month, so be sure to come back often.

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Words from the Editor-in-Chief—Jason Sizemore

My Struggle — Lavie Tidhar
So Sings the Siren — Annie Neugebauer
Penelope Waits — Dennis Danvers
The Case of the Mysterious Meat — Kate Ingram
Tree of the Forest Seven Bells Runs the World Round Midnight — Sheree Renée Thomas
Haven, Kansas (Novel Excerpt) by Alethea Kontis

Interview with Dennis Danvers — Andrea Johnson
8-Bit Rage, Black Hole Zion, Industrial Music, and Science Fiction — Ed Grabianowski
Interview with Cover Artist Rubén Castro — Russel Dickerson