E. Catherine Tobler's The Kraken Sea is coming in June, 2016. Are you ready?

Set in her traveling circus universe, this magical 40,000 word novella tells the story of the circus's founder Jackson - how he fell in love with trains, pageantry, and strange monsters. You don't want to miss it!

In the announcement for the Give Me Tentacles ARC contest (I will reveal the winner at the bottom of this post!), I spoke a little about the search for the cover art for The Kraken Sea. We didn't find a piece that represented our original vision - glorious tentacles wrapping around the cover and grabbing onto readers - but I hope you will agree that the artwork we did find is absolutely breathtaking.


This cover makes me so, so happy. It is beautiful and amazing and though it isn't exactly what we thought we wanted, it works oh so well. The art is titled "Overcast" and is by Magdalena Pągowska. You can find more of her amazing work at her DeviantArt page.

As for our tentacles, the winner of the Give Me Tentacles contest is Rebecca Hurley. She submitted a beautiful piece done is lovely shades of blue and green. A great tentacle find! Elise and I were smitten. Congratulations, Rebecca! We'll get the ARC copy of The Kraken Sea out to you soon.

For everyone else, June will be here before we know it, so wait patiently for your own copy of The Kraken Sea. It will definitely be worth it.