Apex Publications is pleased to announce that we have acquired E. Catherine Tobler's THE KRAKEN SEA.

The 40,000 word novella is set in E. Catherine Tobler's traveling circus universe that makes its stops via train--not only through physical space, but also often through time. THE KRAKEN SEA tells the story of the circus's founder, Jackson—how he fell in love with trains, pageantry, and strange monsters.

Jackson grew up in an orphanage, but was never placed with foster parents—there was just always something odd about him, odd in a way that only a few other people seem to understand. When a widow in San Francisco shows an interest in Jackson, he takes the orphan train across the country to begin work for her. En route, the orphan train tops in Chicago, home of the Colombian Exposition in 1893.

Chicago transforms Jackson and seeing San Francisco and the ocean only deepens his desire to make something of himself. But the truth of the dark magics the widow is entangled in will make something of Jackson he never ever imagined.

E. Catherine Tobler was born on the other side of the International Dateline, which either gives her an extra day in her life or an extraordinary affinity when it comes to inter-dimensional gateways. She is the senior editor of Shimmer Magazine and lives in Colorado, which has a distinct lack of inter-dimensional gateways, but an abundance of mountains, which may prove mad indeed.

Currently, Apex plans to publish THE KRAKEN SEA in June, 2016.