Hello Apex Readers!

I wanted to share a significant change to our publication model.

For our subscribers, it will be business as usual. On the first Tuesday of each month, you will have the new eBook edition of the issue delivered to you via email or automatically to your Kindle account.

For those who enjoy our free content on Apex-Magazine.com will still have that option, but instead of placing the entire issue's contents up on that first Tuesday, we will release the issue piecemeal throughout the month.

Example: On the first Tuesday of the month, the entire issue becomes available to our subscribers (and to those who pay $2.99 for our nicely formatted eBook edition through Apex or our other vendors). That day, we will only post one of that issue's short stories. One Wednesday, we will publish one poem, and on Thursday we will publish a nonfiction piece. A week later on the following Tuesday, we will repeat the cycle.

We at Apex Magazine feel like this is an ideal situation for our readers and our administrators. It rewards subscribers further with early access to content. It also allows us to focus on each contributing author singularly each week on the website. Readers win, authors win, subscribers win, and Apex Magazine wins!

Please feel free to leave any questions via a comment to this post or email (jason@apex-magazine.com).

Thank you for being a fan of Apex Magazine. We have some fantastic issues ready to roll out. The rest of 2015 should be a great one for our readers!


Jason Sizemore