It’s new Apex Magazine day, which means I finally get to share our special World SF themed issue with you all. Waiting for the release of Apex Magazine Issue 76 has been especially hard because guest editor Cristina Jurado did an amazing job creating a rich and diverse issue.

This month we have new fiction by Tade Thompson (“Child, Funeral, Thief, Death”), Isabel Yap (“Find Me”), and Marian Womack(“Frozen Planet”). Our reprints are by Liu Cixin (“Mountain”) and Kuzhali Manickavel (“Six Things We Found During the Autopsy,” a reprint from The Apex Book of World SF 4). We have poetry by Anne Carly Abad and Christina Sng, and Cristina Jurado wrote our nonfiction article discussing speculative fiction in Spain. Exclusive to the subscriber/eBook edition, we have excerpts from Escape from Baghdad! By Saad Z. Hossain and Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. Charles Tan interviewed both of our excerpt authors, and we have those available online, as well as in the eBook edition.

As always, all of the original fiction, poetry, and nonfiction can be read for free on the Apex Magazine website. This month, our reprints are also free to read.

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Child, Funeral, Thief, Death — Tade Thompson
Six Things We Found During the Autopsy — Kuzhali Manickavel
Find Me — Isabel Yap
Frozen Planet — Marian Womack
Mountain — Liu Cixin

The Invention of Speculative Fiction in Spain — Cristina Jurado
Interview Saad Z. Hossain — Charles Tan
Interview with Zen Cho — Charles Tan
Clavis Aurea: A Review of Short Fiction — Charlotte Ashley
Interview with Ekaterina Zagustina — Russell Dickerson

Dysmorphia — Anne Carly Abad
The Dissection — Christina Sng

Sorcerer to the Crown — Zen Cho
Escape from Baghdad! — Saad Z. Hossain

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