The world lost a great person last Saturday. Tom Piccirilli passed away after a valiant and lengthy battle against cancer. 

Tom gifted us with his amazing novels, short fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. He was a master at many forms. Many fans of crime fiction and/or horror cite at least one or two of Tom's books as among their favorites. Personally, November Mourns and A Choir of Ill Children rate in my top ten and are novels I frequently return to every few years.

At the first convention I attended, Hypericon many moons ago, I was a nobody with a half-decent digest of science fiction and horror. I was giving out promotional copies to all the attendees. At one point during the convention, Pic pulled me aside.

I was scared senseless.

He told me the road would be tough, but to always press forward. Apex, he said, was a *good* thing for the genre. He gave me his email address and told me to contact him anytime I needed a hand.

I took him up on his offer many times. He never tired of helping this naive publisher guy, despite Tom's incredibly business schedule.

Apex had the honor of publishing one novel and five Piccirilli short stories. Publishing his What Makes You Die is one of the high points of my Apex years.

Our hearts go out to Tom's family, his wonderful wife Michelle, and all his friends. Tom Piccirilli left his mark on the world in a big way. That is something cancer cannot take from us.

--Jason Sizemore, Apex Publications