The response to our Steal the Spotlight micro fiction contest has been amazing! A big thank you to everyone who has tweeted or posted the link to the submissions guidelines. Without you, it would be hard to get the word out.

Submissions are starting to roll in, and I've read some truly clever pieces of micro fiction. 250 words go by quickly, and as a writer you have to make every word count.

One thing that I have noticed while reading through submissions (have to stay on top of them or it'll be a case of editor death by slush pile!) is that two of our categories are way more popular than the others. I've read more demon and sea monster stories, than I have banshee, black dog/Hellhound, or science experiment gone wrong stories combined. Now I'm loving the demon and sea monster stories. You guys are truly creative and it is wonderful, so please, keep sending them in. But I'd really like to see more stories featuring banshees, black dog/Hellhounds, and science experiments gone wrong and running amok.

I know the stories are out there! So write them and send them in!

For full details on the Apex Magazine Steal the Spotlight Micro Fiction Contest, read our original post. Winners will be announced October 31st!