The new issue of Apex Magazine is out today, and it is brimming with fantastic stories. Authors Gary Kloster, Seth Dickinson, and Liz Argall bring us our original fiction in this issue. We have a feature from War Stories: New Military Science Fiction, “Enemy States” by Karin Lowachee, which is a heart wrenching story about those left behind when soldiers go off to war. Our reprint is the novella “Danceland” by Emma Bull and Will Shetterly, and is included exclusively in our subscriber/eBook editions, along with excerpts of novels by Timothy Zahn and Walter Mosley. The poetry this month was written by Amanda Lord, irving, and Marsheila Rockwell. For our nonfiction piece, Charles Tan discusses interacting in an online universe. Seth Dickinson and Jeff Ward were kind enough to join us for interviews, so take a peek into the minds of this author and artist.

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Table of Contents:


Last Dance Over the Red, Red World by Gary Kloster
Danceland by Emma Bull and Will Shetterly (subscriber/eBook exclusive)
Economies of Force by Seth Dickinson
Enemy State by Karin Lowachee
Soft Feather Dance by Liz Argall 


Superman Bound by Amanda Lord
Ghosts of Oz by irving
Synesthete by Marsheila Rockwell


Resolute: Notes from the Editor-in-Chief by Sigrid Ellis
Interview with Seth Dickinson by Andrea Johnson
How to Live Safely in an Online Universe by Charles Tan
Clavis Aurea: A Review of Short Fiction by Charlotte Ashley
Interview with Jeff Ward by Loraine Sammy


Soulminder by Timothy Zahn (subscriber/eBook exclusive)
Jack Strong by Walter Mosley (subscriber/eBook exclusive)


Economies of Force by Seth Dickinson


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