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Effective as of January 2013

The website, Apex Publications (also known as Apex Book Company), http://www.apexbookcompany.com as well as the Apex blog,

http://www.apexbookcompany.com/category/blog/ are all owned and operated by Apex.

Information, posts, articles and stories (as well as links to these forms of data) may be written by authors/writers that Apex has contact with and permission to use their works.

Any use of this website and blog (listed above) constitutes the user’s agreement to all terms, notices, policies and otherwise stated information in this Terms of Use notification as well as other notices posted on the websites (main website and blog).

Restrictions on Use

By accessing and using this site, you agree to understanding the terms and notification posted here, which may change as needed.  Apex retains the right to change these terms as needed.


Apex’s website and blog (listed above) contains material that is owned by Apex as well as material that is owned by the authors/writers named according to the material.  The user may not copy in any way, paper or digital use, reproduce, distribute or modify these materials.

Termination of Terms of Use

The user understands that Apex may choose to terminate this Terms of Use agreement at any time, between Apex and the user, and in such a case, the user shall no longer have access/permission to view the site and its’ materials.  This may be done at the discretion of Apex, without notice, at any time.


The user agrees to protect and indemnify Apex, as well as hold Apex harmless from any and all liabilities, costs and expenses, including attorney fees, which would be related to any violation of these Terms of Use in any way.

Questions about Terms of Use

It is the goal of Apex to make sure that the Terms of Use are clear and that all users have a full understanding.  If any users have questions about the Terms of Use agreement, please send an email (Jason@apexbookcompany.com) and let “Terms of Use” be the subject line of that email.


Listed below, are all owned, uniquely created and distinct to Apex:

The Tagline:

Independent publisher of science fiction, fantasy, horror novels, collections and anthologies.

The motto/phrase:

Apex Publications,

Strange.  Beautiful.  Shocking.  Surreal.

The logo/icon/image:

Resembling an alien head, referred to as “the alien head”