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Escape from Zombie City

In this One Way Out adventure novel Escape from Zombie City (written by Ray Wallace), readers fight their way through multiple paths of the undead apocalypse. 
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You are one of the last survivors in a city overrun by the walking dead. The news reports say it's the result of a government experiment gone wrong, and advise citizens to remain indoors to wait for aid. But you're not getting any safer, and you'd be wise to get out of town while you can.

The zombies aren't your only concern, however.

Thieves, cults, roadblocks, gun-nut survivors, and military defenses are just some of what you'll have to deal with as you make your escape. It's the one little thing you don't expect, one wrong turn, one bad decision that will get you killed.

It's going to take more than guts and a gun to get you out alive. Use your knowledge of the event, your instincts, and every ounce of your luck.

Maybe it will be enough.

Maybe you'll find the one way out.

Cover Artist:
Thomas A. Erb

Book Details:
Trade Paperback
ISBN 978-1-937009-01-4
218 pages

Author Bio:

Ray Wallace hails from Brandon, FL, a suburb of Tampa where he composes electronic music with his brother and writes his fiction. His debut novel, THE NAMELESS, was released by Black Death Books in the winter of 2009. He has published more than twenty stories in such magazines and anthologies as The Blackest Death Vol. 1 & 2, Chimeraworld 4, Small Bites, Erotic Fantasy: Tales of the Paranormal, Monster’s Ink, Trip the Light Horrific, Whispers from the Shattered Forum, and at Bloodfetish, Dark Muse, and Delirium Online. His story “One of the Six” took first place in Chizine’s second annual fiction contest. He wrote a long running book review column for The Twilight Showcase webzine and now writes reviews for Chizine and SFReader.com.
Escape from Zombie City: A Choose Your Own Adventure Novel

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