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The invasion is on, people.

Become one of us. No probing is required, we promise. The only compliance required is that of mutual admiration of Apex Publications. If you like what we do, and you're interested in both helping out and getting free stuff, then the Apex Buzz team just might be right for you.

Becoming a member is simple. Go to our private Google group and submit a request for membership.

What is the Apex Buzz team?

A like-minded hive of Apex boosters who help get the word out about Apex Publications and our books by the use of social media updates, book reviews, and other publicity resources (such as flying Apex book banners, handing out our bookmarks at conventions, etc.).

What are perks of membership?

You mean other than the sense of well-being associated with sharing good books with friends, family, and strangers? While no formal reward structure has been built, an active member can be expected to receive discounts on future purchases, the occasional freebie, and certain exclusive offers.

All-Purpose Promotional Banners for you to use (Feel free to hot link direct from Apex, or right click to save and upload to your image host):

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