Moderation Policy

Apex Publications aka Apex Book Company was created to unite the fans and writers of horror, science fiction and fantasy fiction.  Our goal is create a pleasant, fun and respectful community for all to enjoy.

To ensure this goal is kept at all times, we expect any user or visitor to the site to understand and agree to the following expectations of our Moderation Policy:

Apex Moderation Policy

1)     Everyone has different opinions and we are all entitled to them as long as all comments of any kind are kept in a respectful and kind manner at all times.  Hurtful, offensive or intentional insults of any sort will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

2)     Slander is defined as any comments, statements or images, which are defamatory, malicious or false by nature.  We expect all users and visitors to understand this and not commit slander to any other users or visitors, Apex writers as well as Apex staff members.

3)     Internet “trolls” will not be tolerated on this site.  This includes any comments regarding selling anything of any sort or any promotions otherwise.  All spam is strictly prohibited.

4)     Apex reserves the right to take down or “un-approve” comments that we feel are not civil, decent or otherwise productive of our goal for this community at any time, without notice.

5)     Apex reserves the right to close comments on any post or page at any time.

6)     Apex reserves the right to use our common sense and good judgment at all times for what user and visitor content that we believe to be slander or offensive, as well as for what action we feel is appropriate for users and visitors going against the Moderation Policy.

We believe that if all users and visitors heed to our Moderation Policy and use good common sense and proper judgment, Apex will remain a harmonious community and a good experience for all to discuss and enjoy what we’re here for: horror, science fiction and fantasy fiction.

We hope that your experience with Apex is always a pleasant one.