Business Address:
Apex Publications
PO Box 24323
Lexington, KY 40524

The Apex Team:
Managing Editor/Owner — Jason Sizemore
Senior Editor (Apex Publications) — Janet Harriett
Social Media and Assistant Editor — Lesley Conner
Editor-in-Chief of Apex Magazine — Lynne M. Thomas
Graphic Design — Justin Stewart

Apex is a collective effort that goes beyond even the ten people listed above. The following individuals have earned a place on this page for their assistance and support over the years. We dub them Minion Editors. If you think your name should be listed, but it’s not, most likely we’ve left it off by accident (but we’ve got it covered by listing ‘and many more’). Let the managing editor know about the oversight and he’ll have you added.

In no particular order…

Minion Editors:
Stephanie Jacob
Jim Stitzel
Maurice Broaddus
Jerry Gordon
Mari Adkins
MG Ellington
Lavie Tidhar
Brandy Schwan
Monica Valentinelli
Chris Einhaus
Sarah Hendrix
…and many more