What Makes You Die: $6.99—14.95

by Tom Piccirilli

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What Makes You Die

ISBN: 978-1-937009-12-0

Sample the first 23 pages of What Makes You Die.

In Tom Piccirilli's new noir novel What Makes You Die, an unmedicated manic-depressive hack screenwriter seeks to recapture the hallucinations that crafted his masterpiece.

To see more is to find oblivion... Screenwriter Tommy Pic fell hard from Hollywood success and landed in a psychiatric ward, blacked out from booze and unmedicated manic depression. This is not the first time he's come to in restraints, surrounded by friends and family who aren't there.

This time, though, he also awakes to a message from his agent. The first act of his latest screenplay is their ticket back to the red carpets. If only Tommy could remember writing it. Trying to recapture the hallucinations that crafted his masterpiece, he chases his kidnapped childhood love, a witch from the magic shop downstairs, and the Komodo dragon he tried to cut out of his gut one Christmas Eve. The path to professional redemption may be more dangerous than the fall.

...This is what makes you die.

Cover Art:

Danni Kelly


"Tommy’s narrative voice is what carries this novel. His combination of hopelessness and hilarity is perfect. (That combination is also expressed as the closest thing to his creative philosophy during an unlikely cinema appreciation meeting, told in the form of—what else?—a screenplay that anchors the middle of the novel.) It’s a bizarre experience to find yourself laughing out loud while someone is describing the complete breakdown of his life and psyche, but somehow Tom Piccirilli manages to create that kind of dynamic."
—Tor.com, Stefan Raets

"I can't imagine how difficult it must be to write a first person narrative from the perspective of a madman with moments of lucidity and pull it into such a cohesive story, but Tom pulls it off and the result is wildly entertaining."
—Frank Errington

"What Makes You Die is witty and ominous, filling the reader with a mix of hope and dread as Tommy Pic reveals his past and present struggles."
—Odd Engine

About the Author
Tom Piccirilli is the author of more than twenty novels, including The Last Kind Words, which bestselling author Lee Child called ‘Perfect crime fiction.’ He”s won two International Thriller Awards and Bram Stoker Awards, as well having been nominated for the Edgar, the World Fantasy Award, the Macavity, and Le Grand Prix de l”Imaginaire. Learn more about Tom at: www.thecoldspot.blogspot.com.