The Tower of the Forgotten: $2.99—10.95

by Sara M. Harvey

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The Tower of the Forgotten

ISBN: 978-1-9370090-0-7

The Tower of the Forgotten concludes the Penemue trilogy by Sara M Harvey as Portia and the now-corporeal Imogen protect humankind from an even larger danger.

The final installment of Sara Harvey's steampunk trilogy finds Portia Gyony trapped in a circus cage. Her ghostly lover, Imogen, has been resurrected to corporeal form, but a happy reunion must wait. Dark forces still lurk in the land of the dead, and they are bent on stealing the energies of the living to power a machine that will break the barriers between the realms of the living and the shadowlands beyond. This time, Portia may not have the full support of the Primacy behind her as she battles to save humankind from powers beyond the understanding of mortal man.

Deceit and disaster abound, bringing Portia and Imogen closer to each other and to doom than ever before. Old allies and old enemies converge in this final chapter of the nephilim's power struggle over the world.

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The Convent of the Pure
The Labyrinth of the Dead

Cover Art:
by Melissa Gay

"Sara M. Harvey writes suspenseful, romantic, and exciting steampunk that is not to be missed. An absolute delight!"
—Lavie Tidhar, World Fantasy Award-nominated author of The Bookman and Camera Obscura.

"The Labyrinth of the Dead is a sensual, apocryphal nightmare—an exquisite adventure that manages to be both epic and personal, sweet and vicious."
—Cherie Priest, Hugo Award-nominated author of Boneshaker, Fathom, and Four and Twenty Blackbirds

"The Convent of the Pure is a compelling blend of the numinous and the creepy, with a rich, atmospheric setting. I devoured it in a single sitting!"
—Jacqueline Carey, author of Kushiel’s Dart

"I finished The Tower of the Forgotten in record time and it left me wanting more. I give this book 5 out of 5 tentacles and beg Sara M. Harvey to write more of this world and it’s inhabitants."
—She Never Sleeps, Heather Royston

About the Author
Sara M. Harvey made her fiction debut in 2006 with the romantic urban fantasy A Year and a Day. Sara’s love of steampunk pushed her towards writing within that genre with her three novella from Apex Publishing: The Convent of the Pure, The Labyrinth of the Dead, and The Tower of the Forgotten. All three can be described as paranormal Victorian Age romances with lesbian protagonists set in a steampunk environment. Harvey’s showcase of her unique style of genre-crossing work has been described by Jacqueline Carey as ‘a compelling blend of the numinous and the creepy’. Visit her on the web at