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The Changed

When the dead stop dying and become The Changed, the new zombies enter politics to fight for undead rights. A novel by BJ Burrow, from Apex Publications.
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It’s not the end of the world—it’s just zombies.

Chris is an ordinary guy with a boring job, a perfect fiancé, and plans for a happy, if predictable, future. But when the dead stop dying and become, instead, simply “changed,” ordinary isn’t so comforting anymore. Wandering stray animals suddenly develop a taste for flesh and brains, and while most of the human zombies might be harmless, can anyone really be sure?

With the help of a morning show shock-jock who has recently turned into a zombie and the burnt-out walking remains of a businessman, Chris becomes the backbone of a fight for undead rights among the fear, prejudice, and uncertainty dividing the living and the not quite dead.


  • “Burrow’s debut is a swift-moving, pathos-free, creatively amusing riff on zombies from the zombie perspective. On a day like any other, the newly dead just stop dying, and the world learns that zombie movies have gotten everything wrong. Christian Scott and his fiancée, Erin, have uncomfortable run-ins with the zombies, who call themselves “changed”; then Christian joins their ranks, as does Erin’s favorite shock jock, Nicholas Buckman. Disturbed that the living can call the military in to flambé any of the changed for any reason, Christian and Nicholas decide to start their own political party. While running for senator, Christian must constantly duck his gun-toting father’s attempts to put him down. In hilarious interludes, Paula Dean cooks a zombie fish and Elmo reconciles with a zombie Zoë on Sesame Street. The prose styling is nonexistent, but there’s plenty of charm.”
    Publishers Weekly 
  • “What’s a poor zombie to do when society cruelly discriminates against the undead and won’t even support their right to exist? That’s the tongue-in-cheek question explored in Burrow’s farcical first novel, which affectionately spoofs George A. Romero-style zombie motifs. When the newly dead denizens of morgues and crypts the world over begin to mingle with the living, the armed forces warm up their flamethrowers, and religious zealots and scientists alike search for explanations. It turns out that “the changed,” as liberal politicians dub them, only hunger for human flesh if their brains are damaged. So it’s no surprise when the changed gain a champion in Christian Scott, whose own sudden demise prompts his fiancee to pair him with her favorite, newly undead radio shock jock. Of course, the powers that be are incensed—until they begin “changing,” too. Burrow’s raw narrative style and gratuitous, gross-out interludes often leave much to be desired, but frequent dollops of biting satire and witty dialogue make the ride worthwhile."

Cover Artist:
Axel Torvenius

Product Details:
Trade Paperback
248 pages
ISBN 978-0982159675

About the Author:

BJ Burrow co-wrote the screenplay to the SyFy movie The Monster Hunter (starring David Carradine). The Changed is his first novel. He lives in Austin, TX, with his wife Melissa and two daughters.

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