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  • $ 2.99$ 14.95 Kentucky Kaiju

    Kentucky Kaiju

    Also available at Amazon. "Kentucky Kaiju will make you want to leap right inside your favorite armored robot exoskeleton and go on a moster-jammed southern gothic safari." —Matt Wallace, ENVY...

  • $ 15.95 Stay Crazy

    Stay Crazy

    "Had Philip K. Dick lived through riot grrrl and the collapse of the America's industrial economy, STAY CRAZY would be his memoir. Erica Satifka is a prophet." —Nick Mamatas, author...

  • $ 3.99$ 11.95 The Kraken Sea

    The Kraken Sea

    "Shifting supernatural borderlands inspire awe and ancient gods mirror very human desires in a fear fable that balances complex philosophy with relentless, image-packed action. Tobler creates a fluid, transformative universe...

  • $ 6.99$ 15.95 Freeze/Thaw


    "Bucholz (Severance) has deftly constructed a believable future that explores the environmental and social effects of a radical solution to global warming. The breakdown of governmental order and personal relationships,...

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