We Made This in 2013: I Can Transform You by Maurice Broaddus

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Apex Publications published the following books in 2013 (In order of publication): Seasons of Insanity, What Makes You Die, Plow the Bones, Desper Hollow, Appalachian Undead, Mountain Dead, I Can Transform You, Glitter & Mayhem, and The Book of Apex: Volume 4 of Apex Magazine. Nine books.

Apex also published 12 issues of Apex Magazine.

Phew! That’s quite a great list. We’ve been busy!

With no more books planned for 2013, I wanted to feature each book produced in 2013. Discuss why I decided to publish it, a bit of history, and some of the trials and tribulations we dealt with while bringing the book to fruition.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the fifth book in this series.

Janet looks askew at the book like she would Maurice Broaddus

Janet looks askew at the book like she would Maurice Broaddus

From the dust of The Trying TimesTM, corp-nations have risen up in place of failed governments, and twilight haze dropped down in place of the sky. The economy fell, and the Earth itself shot heavenward, transforming the very face of the planet into an alien landscape with towers punching past the new sky into one of many unknowns. Soon after, the jumpers started raining from among the blue lanterns that took the place of sun and stars.

Mac Peterson left the employ of LG Security Forces and now cobbles together a life in the shadows of the great towers, filling policing needs for people too unimportant for the professional corp-national security to care about. His ex-wife, Kiersten, stayed behind on the Security Forces, working undercover. When she turns up dead alongside one of the tower jumpers, Mac pairs up with Ade Walters, a cyborg officer, to uncover who would try to hide Kiersten’s death among the suicides. Searching for the murderer of one of their own, Mac and Ade discover plans to transform the Earth and its inhabitants…plans that only started with the great upheaval and The Trying TimesTM.

Also includes “Pimp My Airship,” a uniquely diverse steampunk tale.

Special introduction by Matt Forbeck.

The second book of our Apex Voices line has an interesting genesis. This project started as a co-writing venture with Maurice and myself. Due to Apex demands, I had to drop out. Maurice asked if he could finish it up, I said yes, and there you have it.

The Apex Voices series was supposed to start with Maurice. Then stuff happened and we released Doug Warrick’s Plow the Bones. So I Can Transform You became our second book.

Reviews for the book have been interesting. Some reviewers adore the SF-noir style Maurice uses. Others proclaim it a hindrance. I’ve even seen several reviewers speak highly of the pair of introductions provided by Matt Forbeck and myself while several others felt our effusive praise was over the top.

It is our Apex Voices line. I’m going to be effusive about anybody published under that line.

Maurice, even though he’s had quite a bit of success, is ready to break out big.

Factoid: One of two books we published in August!

Published Date: August 2013

Available in trade paperback and eBook formats: http://www.apexbookcompany.com/collections/all-books/products/i-can-transform-you/

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