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With the New Year just days away many of us are thinking of ways to better ourselves. Whether that means getting back to a good habit that got derailed by the hustle and bustle of holidays or dropping a bad habit that’s been hanging around for a few years, we’re all considering ways to be better.

Here at Apex that means ensuring that we provide you – our readers – with timely updates on everything Apex, including cover reveals of our newest books, links to reviews, and information to awesome promotions such as our Early 50 program, as well as having interesting articles and bonus content for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Last week I told you about our new plan for the Apex blog (you can read all the details here) but in addition to those changes, this year we’d also like to bolster our newsletter.

Starting in January, the Apex Publications newsletter will come out twice a week.

Every Tuesday we’ll bring you the newest updates. In addition to the announcements that you’ve come to expect from the Apex newsletter, this will also include first dibs at promotions and contests. This means the next time we decide to run a writing contest, we’ll open it to the Apex newsletter subscribers first, giving them a slight advantage over those who rely solely on the blog for all of their Apex news.

On Thursdays we’re going to be offering bonus content that will only be available through the newsletter. Each month we’ll bring you:

  • Within the Mind of an Apex Minion – A sneak peak at the amazing people who make Apex possible.
  • Meet an Apex Super Fan – A short interview with those of you who love all things Apex.
  • A Flash of Fiction – Bonus flash fiction from our wonderful authors.
  • Industry Roundup by Nathan Hall – All the biggest news from the month collected in one, brief article.

Not signed up for the newsletter yet? No problem. Sign up today so you don’t miss out on any of these exciting changes.


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