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This morning I put a call out on the Apex Twitter feed, asking for recommendations of the best horror movies. And man, did you guys ever respond! Since Halloween is right around the corner, and I’m sure lots of people are looking for a good scary flick that hasn’t been edited for television, I thought I’d go ahead and post your suggestions. (Note: not all of the suggestions I got made the list. If I listed them all, we would have way more than ten and a never ending blog post. Thanks to everyone who responded to my tweet!)

  1. Cube posterThe Changeling (1980)
  2. Cube
  3. Ginger Snaps
  4. The Exorcist
  5. Night of the Living Dead
  6. The Orphanage
  7. John Carpenter’s The Thing
  8. The Ring
  9. The Wicker Man
  10. Nosferatu

Bonus: 11. Mama – though A.C. Wise admits it isn’t truly horror, but still creepy as hell.

I haven’t seen all of these, but the ones I have are all top notch! I will definitely be adding the others to the top of my movie watching queue. Do you have any of horror movies you would add to the list? Any of these you would argue shouldn’t be on it? I’d love the hear your additions, opinions, and outrage (in a respectful manner) so comment below.

Lesley Conner grew up along the Ohio River in Ravenswood, WV. In 2004, she graduated from WVU with a BA in English. Today, she lives near Hagerstown, MD with her husband and two daughters, where she’s a Daisy Girl Scout Leader, horror writer, and editor for Apex Publications. She’s currently working on an alternative history horror novel titled The Weight of Chains. To find out more about Lesley and her writing, check out, or follow her on Twitter at @LesleyConner.

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