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Mountain DeadJASON SIZEMORE is a two-time Hugo Award nominee and one-time Stoker Award nominee for his work as an editor. Born and raised in the hills of southeast Kentucky, he currently lives in Lexington, KY, where he runs and operates Apex Publications. For more information, you can visit his personal site at

Jason is the co-editor of Appalachian Undead and Mountain Dead, along with Eugene Johnson.

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Do you have a zombie apocalypse plan?

Yes. I’ve spent many years putting it into motion.

First, I moved to a defensible position. My house is built into the side of a hill with steps I can blow up leading to both the front and back doors, putting the primary entrance points out of reach.

Second, I secured a pallet of non-perishables, namely ramen noodles. Lots and lots of ramen noodles.

Third, I have constructed… you know what. I’m not telling you anymore. Resources will be scarce in a zombie apocalypse and, frankly, I’m hoping most of you jokers become zombie chow leaving more leftovers for me!

During the zombie apocalypse would you rather be wearing running shoes or steel-toed boots?

Running shoes. Speed is key. And my toes are soft and blister easily.

What draws you to zombie fiction?

I like the psychological aspect, the whole “the monsters are us” metaphor that are zombies. Combine that aspect with a powerful scenario like the apocalypse, and you have an intriguing and entertaining set of circumstances.

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