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Monday we announced a showdown between the two versions of K. Allen Wood’s stories from Appalachian Undead and Mountain Dead and posted them here for you to read so you could decide the champion. Today the voting begins!

(If you haven’t read “And It’ll Haunt Me (For Long Days to Come)” and “For Long Days to Come” yet, do it now!)

To vote all you have to do is fill out the handy-dandy form below and hit ‘Submit.” Voting will remain up until Friday, 11:59EST. This weekend we will tally the votes, so Monday we can declare the K. Allen Wood story champ!

But there’s more!

From those of you who vote for the winning story, we’re going to draw one ultimate winner who will receive an Apex Out-of-Print prize pack that includes fantastic books from Gene O’Neill, Fran Friel, Elizabeth Engstrom, and BJ Burrow.

What are you waiting for? Read the stories and vote now!

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  1. Just for the record, the last question on that form should probably include a response option of “I’m already subscribed.” Just thought that would be worth pointing out. :)

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