Why Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans Can Be Good Gamblers

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Why Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans Can Be Good Gamblers

Fans of science fiction and fantasy are exposed to a mind-boggling array of plot twists and shocking outcomes in the books and films they enjoy. The stories that they love are much more complex than your average rom-com or action movie and have even greater depths of emotion. They are much more prepared than the average person for handling surprising outcomes. Perhaps this would make them adept gamblers, with their minds priming them for success.

However, there would like be some that might lose the plot and try to cast a spell on the croupier. Nevertheless, plenty have the skills required to be good gamblers, so pay attention as to why.

Prepared for the Worst

Viewers that watch Game of Thrones but have never read the books are frequently surprised when shocking incidents occur or major characters are killed off. But fans of the book have developed a tough exterior that enables them to shrug such events off. As a result, readers of the book will be happy to leave a roulette wheel with their life, even if they have suffered a heavy loss.

Ready for the Unexpected

In a casino you have to think fast at all times, so the average players can often be taken unawares when they score a huge victory. It is in these moments that they might hesitate and not take advantage of the situation. Whether their decision is bold or cautious, science fiction or fantasy fans will be unshaken by the previous result. They will merely let their ambition dictate how they wish to respond following an unexpected incident. Personally, I learned this lesson by playing on one of the bingo sites recommended by www.bananasforbingo.com.

Creative Thinkers

Any casino that you go into will have litany of roulette players lacking creativity in their betting. All they seem to do is fritter their funds away on evens bets or on single numbers. With a plethora of different bets to be made, it makes no sense to not bet on doubles, quads or the many other available options. Science fiction and fantasy fans are frequently exposed to creative thinking in their books and films, so they would be able to devise a much more imaginative betting system.

Fast Learners

The Star Wars universe is vast entity in which there is an ocean of knowledge to take in. Star Wars fans are very proud of the knowledge they possess from the universe, always eager to learn more. They take in huge amounts of information in addition to that present in their daily life. This should serve players well for when they come to learn the rules of casino games. Sure the basic rules are easy enough to grasp, but science fiction lovers would have the depth of insight to look for the unspoken rules of the table, much like a Han Solo.

Now that you know why science fiction and fantasy could help your wagering, you have another great reason for watching shows like Game of Thrones or Fringe, or thumbing your copy of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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